Running Trails Close to Seal Beach, CA

by David Ferris

One of the best things about southern California is the weather. The mild to hot temperatures and the frequent sunshine enable the year-round enjoyment of outdoor activities. Jogging and running enthusiasts can take advantage of numerous running trails in and around Seal Beach in Orange County.

Huntington Beach

Just up the road from Seal Beach is Huntington Beach and its long, busy stretch of oceanfront. Its running trails run right along the beach, letting you enjoy the seaside view and fresh salt breeze during the length of your run. Plenty of shops, snack bars and cafes line the way if you need to stop for a break. In-line skating and walking is also popular along the boardwalk.

Santa Ana River Trail

This trail links the ocean to the Santa Ana River. In between are ample places to run. The river trail is a little more remote, allowing you to escape into the greenery of the California coast, but it's easily accessible from the road at multiple points and has parking along the way. The trail runs through Talbert Nature Preserve.


Irvine, a short distance from Seal Beach, has a extensive network of family-friendly running, walking and biking paths. Twenty community parks are linked by a network of trails, and Irvine is known for its meticulous urban planning, which means that its parks and trails are laid out in a well-designed, efficient manner.

Long Beach

Also close to Seal Beach is Long Beach, which the National Parks and Recreation Society has recognized with a Gold Medal Award for its well-maintained parks and trails. For running paths, try the 815-acre El Dorado Regional Park, or the smaller 13-acre Cesar Chavez Park. Both have ample options for runners.