How to Run a Successful Dance Party

by Brenda Priddy
A successful dance party considers the needs of the guests.

A successful dance party considers the needs of the guests.

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A successful dance party is based on several different factors. You must have a mix of suitable music, enough space for dancing, proper DJ equipment, food and drink and enough guests to make the party enjoyable. With these elements in place, any dance party should turn into a successful event that all guests will enjoy. You can plan a themed party, such as a '50s dance party or a disco party, or host a party that plays a mix of musical styles.

Items you will need

  • Music
  • Music player
  • Disco ball
  • Colored lights
  • Chairs
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • DJ equipment
  • DJ, optional
Step 1

Choose music from a variety of genres. Consider the tastes of the people who will attend the party. Children and teens will most likely prefer modern pop music. Adults will enjoy a mix of music from past decades along with more modern songs.

Step 2

Add a few line-dance songs to the list, including things like the Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide or Macarena. These songs will encourage even the most reluctant dancers to get on the dance floor and have a good time.

Step 3

Ask the guests to submit a list of songs that they want to hear at the party. Include the top five or 10 songs from the list. Make sure to use the "clean" versions of every song to keep the dance party G or PG rated.

Step 4

Place the songs on a music player. Arrange the songs to alternate between fast and slow songs.

Step 5

Choose a dance area. It should be large and preferably have a hard floor. You can choose an indoor or outdoor location. If you host the party at home, make sure that an outdoor party will not disturb neighbors.

Step 6

Clear the area of all furniture, pillows, debris or anything else that can get in the way of dancing.

Step 7

Place lights around the dance floor area. A disco ball or bright colored lights can add to the fun. You can even shine the headlights from a car onto an outdoor dance floor for shadowed dancing.

Step 8

Place chairs around the dance floor so people have a place to rest between dances.

Step 9

Set up a table for food and drinks in a separate room or away from the main dancing area. Provide several different drink options, including soda, water and alcoholic beverages for people over 21. Serve light foods, such as cheese, finger sandwiches and fruit.

Step 10

Rent some DJ equipment for the party, including a microphone. Announce the songs before each dance to encourage people to keep moving. Hire a DJ for the party if you don't want to be the announcer.

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