Rules for 'Star Wars' Risk: The Clone Wars Edition

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"Star Wars" Risk: The Clone Wars Edition features special rules and abilities based on the films.

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"Star Wars" Risk: The Clone Wars Edition is a special version of the classic board game Risk commemorating the completion of the "Star Wars" film saga. Unlike classic Risk, it is played by teams working together instead of individual players. In the game, the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Faction battle for control of the galaxy. At any given time, "Order 66" may be called, representing the crucial turn of events from the film, and, in like manner, dramatically changing the balance of power on the board.

Victory Conditions

All Republic faction players can win either by defeating all Separatist forces or capturing the planet on which Darth Sidious is placed. The Separatist players must simply eliminate all Republic forces.


Separate the Faction cards into two decks by their backs -- one Republic, one Separatist. Place the Darth Sidious figurine on the starting space of the Order 66 track. Turn all Separatist tokens face down, shuffle them, then stack them in one common pile. If four players are playing, distribute the plastic pieces to them so that each is playing one color: Republic players start with 31 troops, while the Separatists receive 30. If three are playing, one must play for both the black and blue armies. For a two-player game, one will control black and blue while the other controls red and gold. Each Republic player then selects one starting planet, then they and the remaining players alternate in turn as they claim the remaining worlds, placing one plastic figurine on each. After all planets on the board have been claimed, continue taking turns in the same order, placing one of their remaining starting troops on their planets. Lastly, issue each player a stack of the Turn Reference Cards, ordered from Step 1 to Step 6. Continue turns, alternating Separatist and Republic players.

Separatist Player Turns

If you are playing a Separatist army, your first step of your turn will be to take the token from the top of the stack, look at it without letting other players see it, then place it on a planet you control. You will have to defend this planet and the leader that the token represents from Republic players. The next step in a Separatist player's turn is to move the Darth Sidious figurine forwards by one space. This will continue until Order 66 is called for and initiated.

Reinforce Armies

After the special steps for Separatists, or if the player is on the Republic side, count the number of planets you control. Divide this number by three and ignore the remainder, and the result is the base number of reinforcement troops you may distribute amongst your planets. If you control all planets in a region, you will also receive the bonus indicated on the game board. The minimum you will receive is three, regardless of how few planets you control. Next, you may play any cards in your hand that you wish. Turning in one card allows you to build a ship, three will gain you extra troops according to the "suit" type, and four allow you to do both at once. You may only build one ship per turn, and may never have more than three of each type present on the board. After you have amassed your reinforcements, distribute all of them amongst your controlled planets as you desire.


After reinforcements have been distributed, you may attack planets controlled by opposing planets neighboring your own. Announce the target of your attack, the planet of the attack's origin, and how many troops are being sent to attack. The invading army must have at least two troops, as one must be left behind to hold the plant in possession. Attacks with one, two, or three troops may roll the corresponding number of dice. Invasions of more than three may only use three dice. The defender then announces how many troops she will send to meet the attack, as well as which, if any, ships on the planet to send. She may only roll up to two dice. If the planet has a capital ship, she, as defender, may replace one of her six-sided dice with an eight-sided die. If the planet has a fighter stationed there, she may re-roll any dice that roll as "1" for each fighter present. If she has a corvette, then her highest-rolling die will have it's count increased by one. If the planet has Darth Sidious, she may replace one or both defending dice with eight-sided dice. Once the attack and number of dice have been determined, both attacker and defender roll their die simultaneously.


Following the roll of the dice, both attacker and defender compare their highest-rolling dice. Whoever has the die with the highest count is the "victor" of the battle, and the other player must remove a troop from play that participated in the attack. In the event of a tie, the defender has the advantage. If the attacker wins, he moves the announced number of attackers onto the conquered planet to take possession of it. If the planet had Separatist tokens on it, the Republic conqueror takes the tokens into her possession, turns them over, and takes as many cards as indicated on them. The attacker may then continue in his attack and roll again, attack different planets as he desires, or end his turn.

Fortification and Troop Movement

After you have finished all attacks, you may perform one and only one movement of troops from one planet across others under your control to another planet you possess. You may also perform this once with one ship you control. Also, you and an allied player may cede control of one plant to the other that has only one troop figure stationed on them. Finally, if you captured at least one planet during your turn, you may draw one card. Otherwise, at this point, the player's turn ends.

Order 66

Once per game, a Separatist player may call for Order 66. The player names a Republic-controlled planet, then rolls an eight-sided die. If the roll results in one of the numbers printed on the space on which Darth Sidious is standing, Order 66 is successful, and the player may replace all troops on that planet with an equal number of Separatist forces. Repeat for each Republic-controlled planet on the board. Next, remaining Separatist tokens are removed from the board, and the Darth Sidious figure must be placed on a Separatist world, where it will stay for the rest of the game. Lastly, after Order 66, Republic players may no longer use cards featuring Anakin Skywalker.

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