Rules for Sending Thank-You Cards From a Baby Shower

by Tamiya King

If you've recently enjoyed a baby shower your friends and loved ones hosted to celebrate the imminent arrival of your little one, sending thank-you notes is appropriate. There is protocol to getting these notes out to the party attendants in a timely fashion, and the content of the written thank-yous should follow a few guidelines.

Should I Send a Note?

Although the people at your baby shower were probably close friends or family members, it's nice to make send thank-you notes to show how much you appreciate their gifts and attendance. According to Emily Post, even if you thanked your loved ones in person for coming to the shower, you should still send a note, even though everyone saw that you clearly have other things to take care of as the delivery day approaches.

When to Send Thank-You Notes

It's best to send the notes expressing your gratitude as soon as possible, about a day or two after the shower. You might want to send them before you officially use the gifts your family members have provided. However, no time is too late to send thank-you notes, as they will always be appreciated and will show that you remember your loved ones' kindness, according to the Tiny Prints website.

Note Contents

In your thank-you note, make sure to mention the baby shower gift you received from that person, as well as how you plan to use it. For instance, a note to your best friend who gave a set of cloth diapers and booties for your baby should read something like "Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for the diapers and booties! (Baby's name) will start wearing them as soon as she arrives. And they match the colors of the nursery! You're so thoughtful and fashionable." You should include a personal element to the note that emphasizes your relationship with the gift giver. Example: "You've been so helpful and supportive during my pregnancy -- just like you've been during other major changes in my life. Thanks for being such a great best friend!"

Ending the Note

Conclude the note by thanking your friend or family member one last time for the gift, and mention the future to indicate the bond you share. For instance, if your cousin gave you a present for your baby shower in September or October, you can close the thank-you note by stating "Thank you again for the stroller -- I'll use it for all of baby's outings. I look forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving." The signature on the note should match your closeness with the recipient. For instance, you would close the note with "Love" or "Love always" for a thank-you card addressed to a sibling. Use phrases such as "Many thanks" or "Regards" in a note for a colleague.

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