Rules for the Robot Wars Board Game

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Robot Wars is an action-packed board game based on strategy and luck.

Robot Wars is an action-packed board game based on strategy and luck.

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Robot Wars is based on the action-packed British television series of the same name. The board game was first published by Feva Ltd. in 2002. You need two to six players and a game takes around 45 minutes, according to Board Game Geek. Players start the game accumulating resources to spend on building their robot's capabilities and weapons. Building your robot's capabilities is your opportunity to strategically choose what kind of a fighter you want. Then, the fighting begins with a series of battles against other players, up until the final match, when a winner of the game is crowned champion.

Earning Coins

Players start out by choosing one of the silver-colored robot figurines and then place them on the board. Each player starts the game by rolling a die 10 times to see how many coins she can earn. If you roll an even number, a 2, 4 or 6, you earn one coin. Each player can earn up to 10 coins to spend on building her robot. The game comes with six dice, so each player gets her own die to roll.


Robot Wars lets you design your own robot fighter. Choose your robot's attributes for speed, power and maneuverability. "Speed" allows your robot to move around the war zone more effectively. Choose speed from 1 to 8. This number represents the number of spaces you can move around the war zone. Your robot becomes immobilized if its speed goes down to 0. "Power" gives you three options: F, FB and FBS. The best capability is FBS, which means "forward, backward and sideways." The options for "Maneuverability" are 1, 2, 3 or 4. These numbers represent the number of times your robot can make a 90 degree turn during a battle. If your maneuverability goes down to 0, you can only move the robot after you have made all your other moves.

Game Controller

Each player gets a game controller that shows her robot's three attribute levels. The levels of speed, power and maneuverability will change throughout the game after the robot is damaged during battles, for example. Robots are at their strongest at the beginning of the game, before any battles.

Damage Points

Robots get damage points during battles and from driving onto damage squares. The damage squares include flame pits, angle grinders, floor flippers and spikes. After you get 5 or more damage points during a battle, you must roll the yellow die to see how many capability points you lose. The final winner is the last robot standing.

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