Rules for the Double Deuce Card Game

by Chelsea Oliver

In today's day and age, there are many websites available for individuals who enjoy playing games online. These Internet venues include a wide variety of games, such as poker, casino, puzzle and strategy games. The "Double Deuce" card game, which involves matching identical cards on a large grid, is available for play for free on the Pokerstars Games website.


The rules for the "Double Deuce" card game are quite simple. You begin with a grid of 100 cards, wherein each card has an exact match. You must find the matches within the grid of cards, and use the mouse to connect the pairs together and make them vanish from the screen. For each matching set of cards, you have only two chances to connect the pair. The shuffle button can be used to re-sort the cards on the grid if you are having difficulty locating a pair. The scoring in the "Double Deuce" card game works backwards; you start at 1,000,000 points and lose points as you play. Your goal is to find as many pairs as possible, as quickly as possible, saving as many points as you can.

How to Play

Navigate to the Pokerstars Games website and click on the Card Games button at the top left of the computer screen. Locate the "Double Deuce" card game in the list of games and click on the title. Once the game loads, click the Play Now button. Use your mouse to drag the pointer between identical cards on the grid of cards that appears, working quickly as your points start counting down immediately. Continue locating pairs in the grid of cards until you clear the grid or your time runs out.


Players of the "Double Deuce" card game can choose from three different levels of difficulty. "Simple" mode is for those just starting out, who wish to get a feel for the game and practice prior to delving into more difficult levels. More advanced players can choose between the "Naughty" and "Nice" modes; the former features animated cards not suitable for children and the latter features a grid of basic playing cards.

Additional Ideas

If you prefer to play games with real playing cards, create a modified version of the "Double Deuce" card game at home. Shuffle together two identical decks of cards and lay them out face-down on a large, flat surface, such as a table or the floor. Take turns flipping cards over and attempting to find their matches, and remove pairs of cards once they have been found. Make this version of the game even more fun by incorporating a timer.

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