Rules for the Board Game "Pegs and Jokers"

by Stacy Zogheib
Play Pegs and Jokers with a deck of cards and a homemade board.

Play Pegs and Jokers with a deck of cards and a homemade board.

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Pegs and Jokers is a game where players race to move their pegs around the board. The goal of the game is for one team to get all of its pegs back home first. This game mimics the Indian game Pachisi; the American game "Sorry!" also has similar rules but uses a special deck and board.


Pegs and Jokers is a game for four, six or eight people that is played with a homemade board, pegs and a standard deck of playing cards with Jokers. Players divide up into two teams and sit in alternating spots at the table so that each player has an opponent sitting on either side. With four players you have teams of two, six players makes two teams of three and eight players makes two teams of four. Players use a board that has as many sides as there are players. Four people use a square board while six use a hexagonal board. Each player gets five pegs which begin in the start area of the board. There are 18 holes on each side of the board; the eighth hole past the corner is the "come out" spot, which is directly in front of the start area. The third hole past the corner is the "in spot" and the final home area branches off of that. Each side of the board is identical and players travel around the entire perimeter of the board.

Game Play

In Pegs and Jokers each player starts with a hand of five cards. During his turn a player draws one card from the draw pile, plays one card from his hand and moves his peg forward a corresponding number of holes. In order to move a peg out of the start area you need to play a Jack, Queen, King or Ace. Playing a card numbered 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10 allows you to move a peg that is already "out" or in play forward that many spaces.

Special Rules

If you play a 7 you can choose to move one of your pegs forward seven spaces or move two pegs forward a combined total of seven spaces. If you play a Joker you can move any peg into a space occupied by another player's peg. This sends that peg back to its start area. Landing on a space occupied by an opponent's peg sends it back to its starting area. If you land on a teammate's peg it moves forward to its "in spot" directly in front of the home area.


To win a game of Jokers and Pegs all of the players on a team need to move all of their pegs in the matching home areas. The first team to accomplish this wins the game. When players move their pegs into the home area you need to move them as far into the area as possible to leave room for the pegs behind them. If you get all of your pegs into their spots you can use your turn to help the teammate to your left move his pegs in.

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