The Rules of Attraction Party Themes

by Kyra Sheahan
Play flirty games at a The Rules of Attraction party.

Play flirty games at a The Rules of Attraction party.

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The Rules of Attraction is film from 2002 that is set in New England and is about three college students in a nontraditional love triangle. The film plays with time -- jumping backwards and forwards -- and synchronicity between the three main characters. Throwing a party with a The Rules of Attraction theme gives you room for inventive and unusual party planning ideas.


The end credits in The Rules of Attraction run backwards. You can use this technique for your invitations, to give your prospective guests a taste of the obscurity that the film, and your party, possesses. Figure out the order in which you would normally present the information on an invitation and then invert it so that the last bits of information are at the top of the invitation and the party announcement is at the bottom.

Party Paraphernalia

In The Rules of Attraction, the three main characters are in college and the opening of the film introduces the characters at an end of the world party. You can become inspired for your party theme by the end of the world party concept when it comes to party decorations and food. For instance, place a sign over your food table that says Your Last Meal or a note card on the beverages bar that says A Taste of Chaos. In addition, provide party paraphernalia that your guests can use to get a little wild, such as silly string or cans of whipped cream to shoot at one another or a spray paint wall where guests can write or draw things with spray paint onto a large blank canvas -- or sheet -- that covers your wall.


One of the scenes in The Rules of Attraction involves the characters wearing masks, which symbolizes the underlying theme of not truly being able to know someone. An idea for your party is to have your guests wear partial masks from the time they arrive to the time they leave. Guests can bring their own masks or you can supply the masks once they arrive. A partial mask is one where the face is covered from the nose up. It's important to leave the bottom portion of the mask open so that your guests can talk, eat and drink.


Besides the three main characters, other male and female characters in The Rules of Attraction have a supporting purpose in the film to push the plot forward. For your party, tell your guests to arrive as one of the characters in the film. The guests should play the role of the character throughout the party and do things that the character would or might do in the film. You can even give them name tags to wear that state the character's name instead of their own. It's possible for more than one guest to pick a character to play, which makes the party all the more interesting.

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