Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Games for Kids

by Olayemi Phillips
Rudolph has earned a huge fan base.

Rudolph has earned a huge fan base.

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"Born" in 1939, Rudolph has become a red-nosed legend. His story has delighted both children and adults across the globe. Rudolph, a creation of Robert L.May, remains the "most famous reindeer of all" in spite of his beginnings as a glowing-nosed underdog. In children's eyes, Christmas would not be the same without him. Instead of being the brunt of the joke, he is now the star of the show.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Draw Rudolph's face on brown construction paper, making him as large as you like. Use black or darker brown paper for his antlers. Fill in his facial features with a black marker pen. Place a small "x" where his nose should be. Cut a nose from red card stock or use a large pom-pom. Affix sticky putty to the nose. When the children are ready to play, blindfold the first child and hand him the nose. Turn him around three times, then have him try to pin the nose on Rudolph.

Rudolph Dash

Kids will enjoy racing in character as Rudolph. Before they arrive, make sure you have enough red paper noses cut out. A simple circle will do. You'll need a jar or two of petroleum jelly set out alongside the noses. Ask the children to put a dab of petroleum jelly onto their noses and place a red paper nose on top of it. They then must run to a designated finish line. If a child's Rudolph nose falls off, she must return to start over. Increase the fun by playing in teams as a relay race.

Where's Santa?

Have a group of children sit in a circle and let them decide who will play Rudolph. Give Rudolph a red nose to wear and ask her to leave the room. Pick a child from the circle to play Santa before asking Rudolph to return. Rudolph's job is to find his friend, Santa, so that together they can deliver Christmas presents. From the circle, the child playing Santa secretly winks at another child, who then says, "Ho, ho,ho! Merry Christmas!" Santa must continue to wink at different children until Rudolph determines which child is in fact Santa.

Right and Left Rudolph

Right and Left Rudolph is an entertaining game that encourages listening skills. Have each child hold a small wrapped gift and sit in a circle. Instruct the children that each time they hear the word "left" or "right" they are to pass the present in that direction to the person next to them. Recite the words to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," inserting the words "right" and "left" into the story; for example, "Rudolph the right-nosed reindeer." The children can keep whatever present they are holding at the time the story ends.

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