Rubber Duckie Party Games

by Mary Davis
Rubber Duckie is a favorite party theme.

Rubber Duckie is a favorite party theme. Images

The centuries-old Rubber Duckie is still a popular creature. He became a best-selling toy and a favorite for parties and games after being featured in a "Sesame Street" song in 1970. The yellow rubber duck has transformed into a toy that is produced in many different colors and printed with a variety of costumes. In 2001, "The Sun," a British newspaper, reported that a worker painting Queen Elizabeth's bathroom spotted a rubber duckie on a shelf. Incorporate this fun-loving toy into your next party with a few creative rubber duckie-inspired games.

Duckie Relays

Games that involve carrying objects or passing them to another person often create a lot of laughter. Hold a relay in which teams send a member one at a time to a goal while carrying a rubber duckie on the head, nose or shoulder. Or, have participants pass a duckie under their chins or between their feet to the next person in the relay team line. Create plenty of laughs with a game that sends four or five people at a time to a finish line while carrying a rubber duckie between their knees.

Duckie Hunt

Play some "find the duckie" games that are geared toward the ages of your guests. Older children and adults can wear a blindfold and search for rubber ducks in a large tub of ice cubes, a pile of straw or a large tub filled with white balloon "bubbles." Young children will concentrate on finding ducks hiding in a marked area outdoors or inside, in a bucket of sand or among a container of "play pit" balls. For added excitement, write a number on the bottom of each duck and allow the participants to redeem their ducks for prizes that are marked with corresponding numbers.

Feather Games

Several activities with craft feathers entertain guests of all ages. Have participants compete to see who can blow on a feather to keep it in the air the longest. Provide a laughable game where everyone watches one person at a time wear large gloves or mittens and try to pick up a single feather from a pile of feathers. Play pin the feather on the duckie with one blindfolded person at a time. Decide whether to have one place where the feather should be pinned or taped, or several places that will qualify.

Song Antics

Divide guests into small groups. Provide orange visors to be worn as beaks, orange construction paper cutouts to tape onto the tops of shoes and yellow feather boas. Have each group dress up and perform songs such as, "Rubber Duckie," "Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends," or a made up song like "Five Little Duckies Sitting on a Log ..."

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