Romantic Getaways in Texas

by Blair Foy
The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas.

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With 268,581 square miles of area between its borders, the state of Texas is the second largest in the United States. Across the thousands of miles that comprise the Lone Star State, there are many opportunities to find romantic getaways where you can reconnect and reignite the passion in your relationship.

San Antonio

With miles of captivating stone river walk that stretch through downtown San Antonio, this Texas city has a romantic atmosphere that is epitomized with the Alamo. This famous structure was the site of the epic 1836 battle between the Mexican army, led by Santa Anna, and a group of Texans who wanted to defend their country of Texas. After taking a tour of the historic site, add more historic appeal to your romantic trip in San Antonio by staying at the Oge House ( Located on the riverbanks of San Antonio, the hotel is set in an 1857 mansion, which adds to the romance with a Victorian-era feel.


Say "Ich bin in dich verliebt" to your partner with a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas. Originally settled by German families, Fredericksburg mixes the culture of Texas with a rich German heritage. Known as the bed-and-breakfast capital of the world, Fredericksburg has dozens of quaint lodging options that will spark love on your vacation. In addition to German culinary and lodging influences, Fredericksburg is also home to many vineyards. Increase your romance by traveling to the area vineyards and sampling local Fredericksburg wines.

Big Bend National Park

For the couple who are nature enthusiasts, a getaway to Big Bend National Park allows you to explore all that the natural landscape of Texas has to offer while finding time to rekindle a romantic relationship. The park offers lodging on the grounds as well as camping opportunities. While at Big Bend, park guests can hike on trails, explore the desert, canoe or kayak down the Rio Grande and its canyons, or take in the scenery of the Chisos Mountains.

Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is known for the multiple landscapes of mountains, ocean shores, forests, wetlands, drylands and deserts. In Hill Country, you can choose from large cities like Austin or small, quaint towns like Luckenbach to escape from daily life and find some romance at a bed-and-breakfast, winery, golf course, art show, restaurant or charming antique shop. When choosing Hill Country for a romantic getaway, couples can combine both the feel of large cities and small towns for a vacation that will create lasting memories.

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