Romantic Getaways in Pocatello, Idaho

by Anne Davis

Pocatello, in the southeastern region of the state, is Idaho's fifth largest city. Because of the city's size and its location along the Oregon Trail in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it has countless romantic opportunities, whether you enjoy being indoors or outdoors.

Black Swan Inn

The Black Swan Inn ( in Pocatello is a family run inn that has 15 suites, each with its own theme. You can book a room that is decorated in an "Arabian Nights" theme or one that evokes images of the Mayan rain forest. Although each suite includes a two-person jetted hot tub and a fireplace, individual suites offer different amenities, such as a shower wall aquarium in the "Atlantis Under the Sea" suite or a massage parlor in the "Egyptian" suite. The inn will provide you and your beloved with the opportunity to reconnect in an exotic but altogether comfortable environment.

Massacre Rocks State Park

Despite its name, the Massacre Rocks State Park ( allows you and your dearest to spend some romantic time in the great outdoors, whether you enjoy hiking and biking, strolling along rivers, horseback riding or lounging on a boat. You can hike parts of the illustrious Idaho Centennial Trail to grab some beautiful sights, play a round of disc golf or do some light rock climbing. You can stay at a nearby hotel, at one of the park's many RV sites, or you can camp.

Lava Hot Springs

Just half an hour from downtown Pocatello is the Lava Hot Springs ( vacation resort. You and your love can relax in the 20,000-gallon stone-lined swimming pool filled with water that bubbles from a natural underground spring. When you're not unwinding in the sulfur-free waters of the hot springs, you can stroll through the Lava Hot Springs sunken garden, a kind of botanical garden of domestic and imported plant species.

Pocatello Zoo

You and your significant other can reconnect with each other and with your childhood memories by visiting the Pocatello Zoo ( With bears and bison, cougars and coyotes, badgers and bobcats, this zoo can make for a romantic activity, especially if you attend during an off-peak time when you won't be surrounded by families and young children, such as weekdays at the beginning of the summer. Spend the day strolling around the site and complete your experience with a fine dinner in historic downtown Pocatello.

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