Rollerblading in Hudson, Massachusetts

by Elissa Bassini
The city of Hudson, Massachusetts, is a popular destination for indoor and outdoor rollerblading action.

The city of Hudson, Massachusetts, is a popular destination for indoor and outdoor rollerblading action.

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The town of Hudson is located in Middlesex, Massachusetts, and is part of the state's region dubbed the "MetroWest," a cluster of cities lying west of Boston. Hudson is the MetroWest's prime destination for rollerblading action; its premier indoor rink facilities and outdoor trails draw rollerbladers from across the region and all year-round. For parties, exercise, sports adventure or just a good time, Hudson's rollerblading scene gives every motivation to strap on your blades.

Roller Kingdom: Overview

Roller Kingdom ( is the city of Hudson's state-of-the-art roller sport rink facility, and today a beloved MetroWest institution. For decades, residents of the region have converged here for sports, entertainment and good times with family and friends. As widely popular now as ever, Roller Kingdom caters to all manners of rollerblading activity, from casual bladers to serious athletes. Roller Kingdom's amenities include black lights, a laser tag course and a karaoke stage.

Roller Kingdom: Programs and Parties

Roller Kingdom operates a revolving schedule of daily, weekly, seasonal and special event roller blade programming. Highlights of Roller Kingdom's regularly featured options include: private lessons and group clinics catering to all levels of students; open afternoon "public skates" at minimal admission prices; and "artistic skates" focusing on figure-style rollerblading and competitive and show training. Roller Kingdom also offers private rink rental and a variety of package deals for kids' birthdays, company events, fundraisers and disco-style bashes. Patrons are free to bring their own blades or can rent on-site.

Hudson Speed Team

The "Hudson Speed Team" (HST) ( is Hudson's organized club for inline speed roller sports. Specifically, HST's designated sport is "inline speed skating." (Since "Rollerblade" is a brand name, "inline skate" is the broader term.) HST invites in-line skaters of all levels and abilities to join, from beginners to accomplished racers. Despite HST's identification as a "team," competitive skating is but one element of its club and not a condition of membership; "teammates" join for any number of reasons unrelated to competing, such as exercise or socializing. Roller Kingdom is HST's home base for rollerblading practices and events, including the rink's weekly scheduled "Speed Club" programming.

Assabet River Rail Trail

The Assabet River Rail Trail (AART) ( is a multi-use recreational trail passing through the city of Hudson and the fellow MetroWest communities of Marlborough, Stow, Maynard and Acton. Hudson's portion of AART is a scenic and winding trail, paved over and through parks, tunnels, bridges and river walkways. Well-preserved, safe, and open to the public, Hudson's AART is today a favorite outdoor destination for rollerblading. Further enriching this Hudson rollerblading experience are the "Art on the AART" public arts and humanities initiative's murals, markers and exhibit displays, which celebrate the area's local culture, heritage and ecology and line the trail for rollerbladers' enjoyment as they skate by.

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