Rollerblading in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

by Will Howard
Calgary was host to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Calgary was host to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Images

While winter sports often dominate in Calgary, this settlement just east of the Canadian Rockies also offers a wealth of other recreational activities that offer year-round enjoyment for spectators and participants alike. One such activity is rollerblading; not only does Calgary offer the opportunity for rollerbladers to strut their stuff, Calgarians can also watch the exploits of their own local organization, the Calgary Roller Derby Association.

Lloyd's Roller Rink & Recreation Centre

Located in Calgary, Lloyd's Roller Rink and Recreation Centre ( is an entertainment center that specializes in roller-based activities, particularly rollerblading. In operation since the 1960s, the facility is open for birthday parties and other groups and celebrations, and can accommodate private sessions and bookings as well. The center rents both skates and blades, depending on the occasion, and can provide food for birthdays and other activities.

Rollerland of Canada

Rollerland of Canada is another rollerblading facility in Calgary that offers the opportunity for free skating as well as private functions and bookings. Equipment can be rented onsite. Rollerland is within walking distance of several eclectic local restaurants, including Gong Kee BBQ Noodle House Ltd, which specializes in Chinese cuisine, and the Calgary Sweet House and Restaurant, known for their desserts. Rollerland of Canada 10 Forest Grove Pl SE Calgary AB T2A 7G6 403-273-2190

Calgary Rollerblading Network

The Calgary Rollerblading Network is a Calgary-based social group that organizes rollerblading activities online. Using the public recreational spaces in and around Calgary, the social group organizes meetups to rollerblade Calgary's numerous trails and park spaces. The group also organizes functions at local rinks, including Lloyd's Roller Rink.

Calgary Rollercade Inline Speed Club

The Calgary Rollercade Inline Speed Club, or CRISC (, is a team of competitive skaters spanning children to adults and all ability levels. CRISC skatesfor enjoyment as well as to train for competitive rollerblading events. The team holds both practices and sponsored races, and maintains a "Learn to Skate" program for youngsters and those new to inline skating or rollerblading. The organization also hosts numerous functions, such as an annual Christmas party, and organizes events for charity.

Calgary Roller Derby Association

Spectators can also enjoy rollerblading in Calgary through the Calgary Roller Derby Association (, a localized roller derby league consisting of four teams that holds events at Lloyd's Roller Rink. The raucous events feature two teams competing on an oval track; since 2007 the season has run annually from April through the end of August. The association also hosts an annual recruiting event.


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