Roller Skating Nearest to Port Ewen, New York

by Laurie Rappeport
The Catskills region of New York has several roller skating venues for local residents to enjoy.

The Catskills region of New York has several roller skating venues for local residents to enjoy.

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Residents of Port Ewen in New York's Catskills region live in an area brimming with beauty, landscape and nature. Finding venues for organized activities sometimes necessitates traveling. The Port Ewen Athletic Association offers team sports and other organized sports activities for local residents. When individuals feel like getting out for a little solo roller skating they can find opportunities in Port Ewen as well as at rinks in nearby cities.

Wood 'N Wheel

Wood 'N Wheel in Port Ewen ( has a big wooden floor where patrons can skate, using inline or "quad" skates. The center rents skates although Wood 'N Wheel offers other activities as well, including laser tag and bumper cars. The center has state of the art lighting to enhance the skating experience. Wood 'N Wheel offers party packages which allow patrons to host birthday parties which include skating time, refreshments and a party area. Skate rental for birthday guests is extra.

Hyde Park Roller Magic

The Hyde Park Roller Magic (, 33 minutes southeast of Port Ewen, has a live DJ that brings excitement to the skating activities. The Hyde Park Roller Magic rink has inline roller skating options and invites patrons to host their birthday parties, dances, holiday skate dates and other private events and fund-raisers at the rink. Skaters can participate in the periodic interactive skating games that the DJ organizes on the floor.

Skatetime 209

Skatetime 209 ( in Accord, 33 minutes outside of Port Ewen, offers a roller skating rink with family-oriented activities and atmosphere. Together with skating fun, Skatetime 209 incorporates the Five Principles of America's Promise (caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, effective education and opportunities to help others) into their skating programs opportunities. The Skatetime 209 rink operates skateboarding camps and skate days. Skatetime 209 hosts other activities including music evenings, holiday-themed parties and playdates with local dogs.

Castle Fun Center

The Castle Fun Center ( in Chester, one hour southwest of Port Ewen, features a wide variety of fun activities including roller skating, laser tag, bumper cars, free fall, batting cages and a climbing wall. The Center's roller skating rink offers open sessions and reserves specific times on the rink for teens, with other reserved times for families. The Castle also offers lessons for beginners. The Castle hosts birthday parties for kids of all ages which features skating time for all guests, a private area for the party, refreshments and goodie bags for all guests.

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