Roller Skating in Los Angeles, California

by Ian Farquharson
There are many roller-skating venues in Los Angeles.

There are many roller-skating venues in Los Angeles.

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Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, has some of the most recognizable landmarks in America, including the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame. Roller-skating fans in the city have a variety of ways to enjoy their sport. This ranges from skating at specialized indoor and outdoor facilities, to watching the skills of the L.A. Derby Dolls ( roll-er derby league.

Indoor Facilities

The World on Wheels skating complex ( provides skaters with an indoor location, which has a large roller skating floor. Open on a daily basis, the floor has music and lights to enhance the skating experience. The facility offers sessions aimed specifically at adults, as well as open sessions, where kids and adults can enjoy the fun. Larger groups have the option of hiring the facility for private events. Visitors can bring their own skates or rent a pair on arrival.

Outdoor Facilities

The L.A. Parks Department ( has responsibility for the public parks in the Los Angeles area. This includes a number of outdoor skate parks, at which skaters can enjoy amenities specifically designed for their use. These can have features such as rails, ramps and pyramids, with some of the facilities including Nickerson Gardens Skate Park in south Los Angeles, Garvanza Skate Park in east Los Angeles and Stoner Skate Park in west Los Angeles.

Paved Trails

Los Angeles has a number of paved trails (, which skaters can use. Motor vehicles cannot use the routes, making them a safer environment, and the trails run through many areas of the city. They include the six-mile long San Fernando Busway Path, the Hansen Dam Trail, which runs for two miles across the top of the dam and the L.A. River Route, which follows the line of the Los Angeles River for around eight miles.

Other Locations

The Venice Beach boardwalk ( provides the opportunity to enjoy a little Los Angeles skating action with a beach view. Although the boardwalk itself is packed with walkers, entertainers and vendors, skaters can use the adjacent bike path to make their way along the beachfront and enjoy the views.

L.A. Derby Dolls

Those that enjoy skating action can go along and watch L.A. Derby Dolls teams going through their paces at a roller derby event. Roller derby is a full-contact sport, involving two teams of skaters battling it out for victory on a banked track. The L.A. Derby Dolls league features all-female teams, with the matches taking place at an arena in Los Angeles known as the Doll Factory.

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