Roller Skating in Grapevine, Texas

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Roller skating is appropriate for all ages.

Roller skating is appropriate for all ages.

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Roller skating is a good form of exercise for adults and children alike and can make for hours of enjoyment. Some people enjoy roller skating as a leisure activity; others use roller skating to celebrate special events like a birthday. Skatetown ( offers the opportunity to roller skate to residents of and visitors to Grapevine, Texas.

Public Skating

Skatetown in Grapevine offers periods of public skating every day that are open to anyone who wants to spend some time on wheels. On weekdays, two periods of public skating are available -- one during the day and another in the evening; on weekends, Skatetown features public skating each afternoon, and on Saturdays there is a family skating session in the evening. Each public session requires an entry fee, around $6 as of June, 2011. The entry fee includes skate rental during some sessions, while during others there is an additional $3 charge for renting either inline or regular roller skates.


If you have trouble skating and want to take lessons, Skatetown offers skating lessons for beginners each week. You can work on using regular roller skates or try your skills out on inline skates. There is no need to register for classes, nor do you have to commit to attending a certain number;.instead, the classes have an open enrollment policy where you only need to show up before the class starts and pay the fee. As of June, 2011, the lesson fee is $5 including skate rental. Private lessons are also available.


Who doesn't love a party? And what better way to throw a birthday party for your child than put the kids on wheels and turn them loose! As of 2011, the cost of a birthday party for your child and nine guests is $100; this includes skating and skate rental for all of the kids, invitations, access to a party table, ice cream, soda and an intercom mention of your child's birthday. Additional guests can be added for $9 each. If you want to serve food at your party, Skatetown offers pizza, hot dogs and chips; you are also welcome to bring in your own cake. In addition to birthdays, the venue also offers team and private parties.


Many schools hold fundraisers to help supplement the money they receive from the government and school fees. While some of these fundraisers involve selling something that not only costs more than you would pay at the store, but also is probably something you wouldn't buy, a roller skating fundraiser at Skatetown raises money for your school while you get to roller skate. Fundraising time slots are available Sunday through Wednesday; those who come to the fundraiser can skate for $5, which includes skate rental. As long as you bring in more than 100 skaters, your school or organization gets back $2 per skater.

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