Roller Skating in Cranberry, Pennsylvania

by Lauren Griffin

Whether it's your first time hitting the rink or you're an expert roller skater, Cranberry, Pennsylvania is home to a handful of rinks that welcome skaters of any skill level. Roller skating or inline skating are great ways to get exercise while having fun with friends, so lace up your skates for a good time.


Roller skaters have a number of rinks to choose from when they're ready to show off their skating skills in Cranberry. On-A-Roll Family Skate Center and Roller/Inline Skating Rink, located at 9180 Marshall Road, provides skaters with a family oriented indoor skating rink for year-round fun (no website). The indoor Seneca Skating Rink at 255 Salina Road is open seasonally, from Sept. 1 to May 31, for roller skaters as well as inline skaters (no website).

Public Skating

Both On-A-Roll Family Skate Center and Seneca Skating Rink offer public skating sessions. During the public sessions, locals of all abilities can strap on their skates and hit the rink for what promises to be a fun event. Families with children can spend quality time together while practicing their skating skills. Groups of friends can have a blast zipping around, while staying in a place mom and dad know is safe. For a exciting date, hold hands with that special someone as you leisurely do laps around the rink.

Parties and Events

Planning a party can be a challenge. Avoid the hassle of organizing an event at home by throwing a party at On-A-Roll Family Skate Center or Seneca Skating Rink. Both locations happily host parties, corporate events and other get-togethers at their facilities. Whether it's a children's birthday party, an engagement party or a Halloween gathering, guests are bound to have a great time visiting with one another, playing games and skating at one of Cranberry's rinks.

Other Programs

Both of Cranberry's roller skating rinks boast a number of programs that are dedicated to promoting the sport and improving the abilities of skaters. Hockey players, for example, can refine their abilities during stick time. At special times throughout the week, hockey players can slip into their inline skates, grab a hockey stick and an indoor ball, and work on their games at On-A-Roll Family Skate Center. On weekend evenings, both rinks turn up the excitement by blasting popular music and showing off impressive lighting effects.

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