Roller Skating in Carson City, Nevada

by Ian Farquharson
Roller skating is fun and good exercise, too.

Roller skating is fun and good exercise, too.

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Strapping on a pair of roller skates provides a fun way to get around, and skaters get the added benefit of some exercise. Skating fans in Carson City, Nevada, have the choice of a few amenities that cater to the activity; these range from outdoor skate park facilities to skate-friendly city parks to an inline hockey rink.

Outdoor Skate Park

The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department ( maintains an outdoor skate park in Mills Park. Known as the Virginia Orcutt Skateboard Park, it caters to both skateboard and rollerblade enthusiasts. The park opens daily and operates from dawn until dusk. The concrete construction layout includes bowls, ramps, pyramids and rails, enabling users to practice their street skating skills. Skaters using the facilities must wear a helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.

City Trails

Skaters looking to stretch their legs and see some of the sights of Carson City have their choice of a few trails. The Parks and Recreation Department maintains the Linear Park Trail, which extends from Roop Street to Hells Bells Road, as well as the Northridge Linear Park Trail, from North Roop Street to North Lompa Lane. Designated as multiuse routes, these paved trails enable roller skaters to get up a little speed and enjoy some exercise.

Neighborhood Parks

The Parks and Departments administers more than 20 neighborhood parks around Carson City that provide amenities for local residents, including concrete trails and paths that can accommodate roller skating. The 3-acre John Mankins Park has a concrete path winding its way throughout this area. A 1/4-mile long concrete trail runs through Mayor Park, and the Ronald D. Wilson Memorial Park has a 1/3-mile long concrete path.

Sierra Inline Hockey League

Carson City skaters looking to play inline hockey can register for the Sierra Inline Hockey League ( Registration typically takes place during September, with adult leagues running from October to May and junior leagues from October to March. Kids aged 8 and under can participate in hockey lessons during the season, while kids from 9 to 17 and adults can take part in the organized leagues. An inline hockey rink marked out in the Pony Express Pavilion in Mills Park provides a covered venue for the games.

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