Roller Skating in Bridgman, Michigan

by Allison Horky
Roller rinks will rent you skates during your time at the rink.

Roller rinks will rent you skates during your time at the rink.

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You'll find the small town of Bridgman, Mich., located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Lake Charter Township, 66 miles southwest of Kalamazoo. Roller skating on sidewalks, quiet streets and outdoor courts there provides hours of healthy activity for all ages. There are numerous indoor rinks to frequent in southwest Michigan, although none are located in Bridgman.

Lakeshore Roller World

The closest rink to Bridgman, Lakeshore Roller World, located in Stevensville, sits about 6 miles north off Interstate-94. The rink provides you the opportunity to host public or private birthday parties at its establishment. Lakeshore Roller World also offers Zumba classes, space to do fundraisers and special group discounts for hosting events under its roof. The rink also hosts public skating times that allow anyone to skate. You'll find admission and skate rentals reasonably priced.

Ramona Roller Rink

Ramona Roller Rink does business in Dowagiac, about 27 miles east of Bridgman off Highway 62. The rink became family-owned in 2004 and boasts space to host almost any event. Its large snack bar area seats 100 people and serves well for reunions and large group get-togethers.

Galaxy Roller Rink

You'll find Galaxy Roller Rink in Niles, about 23 miles southeast of Bridgman off Niles Buchanan Road. The rink offers a number of public skating sessions throughout the week, with weekend rates higher than those during weekdays. The rink regularly hosts birthday parties, fundraisers and private functions. Galaxy Roller Rink also coordinates a skating club and a roller derby team.

Midway Roller Rink

Find Midway Roller Rink in Battle Creek, about 88 miles northeast of Bridgman off Interstate-94 East. Open year-round, the rink boasts the perfect space for large parties, special occasions and practicing your skating technique during open skating sessions. Battle Creek, one of southwest Michigan's larger towns, offers other activities to supplement a skating outing.

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