Roller Skate Invitation Ideas

by Cristel Wood
Roller skating parties are fun for party-goers of all ages.

Roller skating parties are fun for party-goers of all ages.

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Roller skating parties are a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays and achievements. Skating parties allow guests to interact, get some exercise and have fun in a safe setting. Roller skating parties are popular, so there are a number of pre-made invitations are available, but for a truly unique and memorable experience, try creating your own skating themed invitations.

Card Shapes

Create invitations in the shape of a roller skate. The easiest way to do this is to purchase blank cards. Draw or use a computer to design and print a roller skate design roughly the size of your card. Cut out the design and use it as a template to trace a roller skate design onto your card. If the fold of the card is on the side, use the back edge of the skate as the fold. If the fold side is on the top, use the top of the skate as the fold. Cut out the traced design, repeating the process to create as many invitations as you need.

Three Dimensional

Give your card a three-dimensional effect by using buttons for the skate wheels, ribbons for the laces or pieces of felt or fabric for the roller skate itself. Another option is to cut out wheels from card stock and attach them to the roller skate using spinner pins. Spinner pins are used to attach two pieces of paper, card stock or cardboard together so that one piece spins freely of the other. The pins can be purchased at a craft store. To string the laces, use a hole-punch to create holes along the skate and thread the ribbon through.


Add additional decorations to your invitations using ink stamps, stickers, construction paper cut-outs and pieces of felt or fabric. Puff-paint, glitter-paint and glitter also can add extra appeal. Use plenty of color, especially if the party is geared toward young children. Craft stores stock numerous decoration supplies. Experiment with materials to discover what works best. Alternatively, place some confetti or glitter inside the invitation so that the invitee is treated to a surprise upon opening. If you include confetti or glitter, warn parents when you deliver the invitation.


Include the date, time, location and directions to the party. Specify whether parents are required to attend, if the invitees siblings are welcome and if an RSVP is required. Don't forget to include the birthday boy or girl's name and age in big letters. You can write in the information by hand or use a computer and print it. Cut the information to match the shape of the card and glue it inside.

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