Rocks & Mineral Party Ideas

by Anya Meave
Use tumbled rocks for the decorations and activities.

Use tumbled rocks for the decorations and activities.

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Rocks and minerals are native to the Earth's soil, and kids often enjoy playing with them. Allow kids to explore the world of geology with a rock-and-mineral party. Supply guests with the tools to make their own geological discoveries in a setting that resembles a geological excavation site.

Invitation Idea

Create homemade invitations to inform guests of the rock-and-mineral party. Purchase brown, gray and dark green card-stock paper from a craft store, as well as white card stock. Lay the colored sheets horizontally on a table, and draw 5-inch irregular circles with peaks and short diagonal lines to form a rock. Then, draw 4-inch irregular circles on the white card stock. Draw peaks and S-shapes on the back surface of the colored paper rocks, to suggest a bumpy surface. Cut the sketched rocks out from the paper with scissors, and glue the white paper rocks to the front of the colored paper rocks. Write the party information, such as the date, time and location, on the surface of the white rock with a brown marker.


Turn the rock party into an excavation site, with rock-and-mineral-colored decorations. Lay neutral-colored tablecloths, such as beige or gray, over each table. Place an empty pie pan in the center of each table, and line the inside of the pan with brown tissue paper. Allow the tissue paper to fall over the rim of each pie pan. Fill each pan with pebbles or tumbled rocks, such as quartz or hematite. Then, insert a silk fern plant in the center of the rocks for a splash of color. Fill brown, gray and black latex balloons with air, and tape the balloons to the corner of each table. Place additional balloons around the party area to complete the rock-and-mineral theme.

Rock Hunt

Have party guests make new discoveries with a rock hunt. Collect rough rocks from outside the home, and purchase colorful tumbled rocks from a craft store. Fill one-quart food containers with craft sand, and insert the rocks into the sand. Mix the rocks and sand together inside each container, using a hand shovel to conceal the rocks inside the sand. Hand the containers and hand shovels to each guest, along with a sheet of paper and a pencil to write down their discoveries. Instruct the guests to search for rocks inside the sand, using the shovels, and share the findings with the other guests. Include plastic sandwich bags to allow guests to take the rocks home after the party is over.

Party Treats

Delight guests with delicious treats that resemble rocks and minerals. Set a folding table next to the food table for the party treats. Fill empty food jars with rock candy and speckled jellybeans that look like rocks. Then set the candy-filled jars around the table. Place bowls of fruit that look like rocks or minerals, such as apples, berries and sliced kiwis, in the center of the treat table for guests who prefer a healthy snack. Complete the treat table with sliced granola bars in a bowl to accompany the fruit. Select granola bars that contain chocolate chips and nuts to resemble sedimentary rocks.

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