Rock-'n'-Roll Party Ideas

by Ann Johnson
Use instuments as party decorations.

Use instuments as party decorations.

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When planning a rock-'n'-roll theme party, the first thing to decide is which era to use for the party's theme. The early rock-'n'-roll era of Elvis Presley in the '50s is significantly different from the '60s after the "British Invasion" of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the emergence of Motown. Instead of focusing on a specific segment of rock-'n'-roll history, another option is to create a party theme embracing the entire package--from poodle skirts, to mini skirts, to maxi skirts.


Just as a formal gown and tuxedo sets the tone for a formal dinner, the clothing or costumes worn to a rock-'n'-roll party kick-starts the theme, getting partygoers in the mood before they even arrive. One option is to invite the guests to come to the party dressed as their favorite rock-'n'-roll musician. Another option is to have them come dressed in costumes of a particular era, which can range from white T-shirts and denims to mini skirts and go-go boots.


Music is the guest of honor at a rock-'n'-roll party. There are a number of different ways to introduce the guest to the party. Instead of digital music, bring out an old record player and play rock-'n'-roll records on the turntable. Another option is to play a video game like Guitar Hero or set up karaoke featuring rock-'n'-roll songs. Or devise a rock-'n'-roll trivia game; the guest answering the most questions correctly wins a prize, such as a classic rock-'n'-roll CD. If you want to keep it simple, use an Internet radio application, such as Pandora, and stream rock-'n'-roll music to the party as background sound.


Serve food that doesn't require a place setting, such as hamburgers, pizza or chicken wings. If you're using a later era theme, set up some fondues pots, which became popular in the late sixties and early seventies in the United States. Offer a cheese fondue for dipping bread pieces or vegetables and a chocolate fondue pot for dipping fruits. Have sodas on hand, preferably in individual bottles. If you are going for an early era theme, serve hot fudge sundaes using old-fashioned ice cream dishes.


When decorating for the party, clear away anything that might distract from the theme, such as the fancy sterling silver tea set. Decorate the walls with rock-'n'-roll posters and purchase party plates and cups that complement your theme and colors. Even if you don't play old rock-'n'-rolls records, bring out the album covers and lay them around the room to add to the atmosphere.


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