Rock Star Party Themes for Girls

by Lauren Griffin
Girls will feel like celebrities at a rock star theme party.

Girls will feel like celebrities at a rock star theme party.

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Many girls love to be in the spotlight. Fulfill your girl's fantasy of fame by throwing her a rock star-themed party. With glitzy rock star costumes, flashy decorations and delicious theme food, a rock star party will make the girl and her friends feel like celebrities.


Rather than requiring them to wear everyday duds, a rock star party provides girls with the opportunity to let loose their inner celebrity. Allow guests to show off their style by encouraging them to dress like rock stars. Dark jeans paired with a glittery T-shirt can look even more flashy with bold, oversized jewelry. Bright makeup and poufy hairstyles attract attention and seem fitting for a singer in the spotlight. Complete the look with some accessories, such as a feather boa and sunglasses.


With the right decorations, it's easy to make a party venue that would impress any rock star. Adorn the stage or performance area with rope lights or strings of lights. Strobe lights, disco balls and fog machines create a dramatic, exciting look that is perfect for a rock star party and are sure to pump up the crowd. Use old CDs for shiny decorations: hang them from trees or tape them to the wall. Add tons of balloon and streamers for an over-the-top, rock star-style fiesta.


Begin the night by having a "bouncer" (or a parent) check each guest's name off the guest list and give her a backstage pass to enter the party. Once inside, the girls can show off their vocal skills by taking the stage and singing some karaoke. A game of Guitar Hero or Rock Band is another interactive way for the girls to make some noise. Finally, have them burn off some energy with a dance party.

Food and Drinks

After all their performances, the girls are bound to get hungry. Tantalize their taste buds with some delicious, rock star-themed grub. An assortment of hors d'ouevres and bite-sized appetizers is tasty and easy to grab between performances or dancing. Pizza is another perfect party food that appeals to everyone. For dessert, use cookie cutters to make star-shaped cookies and brownies. Bakers with an artistic touch can even transform a birthday cake into a guitar-shaped or star-shaped treat.

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