Rock Star Party Games for Kids

by Krystal Miller
Create rock star party games children will enjoy.

Create rock star party games children will enjoy.

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Lay out the red carpet and plan a memorable rock star party for your child. When planning a rock star party, create a variety of party games to make the guests feel like true rock stars and have everyone talking about the party for weeks to come. Games will break the ice and encourage the children to stay involved in the party. Pick up some rock star party favors to award all game winners.

Easy Games

Turn a classic game of dance freeze into a game of rock star freeze. Play rock music and have the children dance around the room. When the music stops, they must hold their current rock pose. Any player caught moving when the music is off is out of the game. The last player standing wins the game. For another easy game, hide pictures of current rock stars or famous rock stars the children know. Call out the name of a rock star and have the children search for his picture. The first child to find the picture wins the games.

Dance Contests

Have each player dance to their favorite rock song for one minute. Players have five minutes to practice their moves. For a variation, have the players divide into groups and give them 20 minutes to come up with a dance routine. Each group must perform their rock star dance in front of two or three adults and the other party guests. The adults will award prizes to the best, funniest and most realistic rock star performances.

Classic Games

Incorporate rock star items into classic games for a twist. For example, have the children sit in a circle and hand one child a plastic microphone. Play rock music and tell the children to pass the microphone around the circle. When the rock music stops, the child holding the toy microphone is out of the game. Turn the music back on and eliminate one player each round. The last player standing wins the game. For another classic game, try "pin the microphone in the rock star's hand." Hang a poster of a rock star on the wall. Children must try to pin a microphone in his hand to win the game.

Makeover Contests

Divide the children into groups of three or four and tell each group to select one player in the group who will get the rock star makeover. Provide the teams with makeup, wigs, hair spray, neon hair extensions, colored hair spray and glitter spray to use for the makeovers. For added fun, give the children leather jackets and rock star T-shirts for attire. If you have enough clothes, makeup and hair accessories, you can do this makeover in pairs instead of teams. Award prizes to the funniest, best and most creative rock star makeovers.

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