Rock & Roll Kids' Party

by Christine Gauvreau
A toy guitar completes the rock-star outfit.

A toy guitar completes the rock-star outfit.

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Turn the party guests into rock stars at your rock 'n' roll-themed party. Invite kids to "join the band" of celebrants as they dress-up, sing and perform like their favorite musical idols. With a few decorative supplies, props, a pile of clothing and, of course, rock music, your event will show guests how it feels to party like a rock star.


Dress your child in a rock star costume. Give him a guitar or microphone and take a photo of him in a performance pose. Print the image on postcard paper. On the back of the postcard photo, write "Join us for a rocking good time," followed by the party details.


Cut the shapes of rock band instruments out of card stock paper. String ribbon through them and hang them from the ceiling. Purchase inflatable instruments from a party supply store. Hang and place these around the party space. Purchase rock star posters or hang old album covers on the walls. Accessorize with sparkling decorations such as tinsel and metallic streamers.

Dressing Room

When guests arrive, escort them to a room with a star on the door. Inside the room, place several articles of rock and roll clothing and accessories. Suggestions include concert T-shirts, denim vests, gloves, scarves, hats, boas, wigs and costume jewelry. Include makeup, face paint and temporary tattoos. Enlist other adults to help dress the party guests in the rock star attire.


Tape off a section of the floor and set up a couple of rows of chairs to face this performance area. Divide the party guests into groups who take turns at being the performers and the audience. Give the performers prop instruments and microphones. Play their favorite rock songs and cheer from the audience as they sing and dance along to the music. Have an adult video the performances. After the party, transfer the videos to DVDs and send them to guests along with the thank you notes. Alternate suggestions for rock performances include a karaoke machine or the playing of a guitar or rock star band game on an interactive video gaming system.

Guitar Cake

The guitar-shaped cake may be the coolest instrument at the party. Cut the shape of a guitar out of a sheet cake. Decorate with colored frosting, gel icing, guitar strings made with black, rope licorice and candy accessories. Purchase a guitar-shaped cake mold to eliminate the need to carve the cake yourself.


Send your little rockers home with something to remember the occasion. Ideas for rock 'n' roll-themed party favors include sunglasses, inflatable instruments, temporary tattoos and rock 'n' roll CDs.

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