Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin

by Ryan Cockerham

Rock Fest, a four-day music festival held in July in Cadott, Wisconsin, offers fans of rock music an extensive lineup of concerts showcasing musicians and performers who have won renown. The annual gathering features diverse bands such as Def Leppard, Seether and Saliva as well as celebrated frontmen such as Kid Rock and Rob Zombie.


Rock Fest is an outdoor summer festival and music enthusiasts who attend are permitted to make camp on the festival grounds. Campers have the option of purchasing VIP passes for campgrounds that offer easy access to concert venues. A maximum of six people may stay at one campsite. Ground fires and bonfires are prohibited. Attendees may purchase individual nightly passes or all-access passes for the duration of the festival. In July 2011, general camping permits cost $105. Ticket holders of VIP concert tickets may purchase VIP camping access permits for $105. General admission ticket holders cannot access these premier camping grounds. RVs and motor vehicles are allowed on the camp grounds, and tent-only campgrounds are also available. Nearby hotel accommodations include America's Best Inn, Best Western Plus Trail Lodge Hotel and Holiday Inn.


Rock Fest offers two types of admission passes. Attendees who want to see a specific band only or who are only able to attend for a brief period of time, may purchase single-day passes, which in 2011 cost $87.50. Four-day passes cost $175.50. VIP tickets and reserved lawn chair seating is also available. Four-day VIP passes cost $525 in 2011. Although single-day VIP passes are not available, those who have purchased the four-day pass can divide the ticket into four single-day tickets for friends and family. Tickets are available online as well as at the festival.


Multiple bands perform on each day of the festival, with individual performances lasting anywhere from one to two hours. The first performers take the stage in the afternoon with the final evening acts typically starting at 11:00 p.m. In addition to performances on the main festival stage, bands perform in two beer tents before and after the featured concerts. After purchasing a ticket, festival attendees can watch any performance without additional charges.

Amenities and Policies

Fresh water stations and toilets are located through the festival grounds. The festival takes places regardless of weather conditions, so audience members are encouraged to bring rain gear to the festival. To protect the fans and musicians, security is allowed to search any vehicles entering the festival grounds. Drugs and other illegal substances are forbidden. Festival patrons cannot bring food or beverages into the concert area. Through the purchase of a campground pass, festival attendees can park one vehicle within the campgrounds.

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