Rock Climbing Places in New Jersey

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Climbing walls are surrounded by safety padding.

Climbing walls are surrounded by safety padding.

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Indoor rock climbing is a challenging sport enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The state of New Jersey has several rock climbing gyms where novices can quite literally learn the ropes as they shimmy up walls, and experts can maintain their skills with regular practice. Many rock climbing places in New Jersey also welcome groups and birthday parties, providing a place to celebrate and also get some climbing lessons.

New Jersey Rock Gym

Located in Fairfield, New Jersey Rock Gym ( offers everything from beginner classes for kids to outdoor climbing trips for experienced adults. Newcomers to rock climbing will enjoy the assistance of a professional belayer, who will monitor and help them climb by supervising the ropes and giving commands. A special training program is available to help prepare children for competition-level climbing and the gym also has an island for bouldering, which requires ample strength to climb rocks that are short, but challenging.

Rockville Climbing Center

Scale great heights at the Rockville Climbing Center (, located in central New Jersey. Climbers can arrange for the services of a professional belayer to control their safety ropes, and the center also offers belayer training courses for those ages 14 and above. The center also welcomes birthday parties and has a special room where guests may enjoy food and drink before taking a climb. During the summer, enroll kids in rock climbing camp to make new friends and develop their skills and technique.

Gravity Vault

Gravity Vault ( offers more than 13,000 square feet for rock climbing, including arches and overhangs that challenge even experienced climbers. Make your way up the 35-foot-high climbing walls or make use of the extensive bouldering facilities. For newbies, Gravity Vault offers classes for a variety of ages and skill levels, and also sponsors climbing events and competitions. Women save money every Friday, when a ladies' night special offers discounted prices on climbing.

Garden State Rocks

Though "Garden State Rocks" sounds like the battle cry of New Jersey, it's also a climbing gym located in Morganville. The center has walls ranging from 25 to 30 feet tall and over 6,000 square feet of climbing surfaces, according to the official website. Garden State Rocks ( also welcomes groups and parties and offers belay certification courses for those ages 15 and up. The facilities also include a bouldering island and a large cave for climbing.

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