Rock Climbing in Barrie, Ontario

by Alana Armstrong

Nestled in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe area, Barrie provides abundant mountain-biking trails, ski trails and campsites. The numerous rock-climbing options in Barrie keep climbers of all ages and ability busy yearlong. Consider the climbing types available in the area--from beginner to advanced routes, indoors or outdoors--before getting started on a rock-climbing adventure in Barrie.


The rock climbing centers in Barrie provide all standard safety equipment. Advanced climbers should purchase their own safety equipment and shoes, especially if they climb natural outdoor routes, such as those found along the Bruce Peninsula outside of Barrie. Necessary safety equipment--no matter what rock formation being climbed--includes a nylon safety harness with a belt and two leg loops, braided nylon rope, solid aluminum carabiners and belay devices. Climbing shoes are not considered safety equipment because they only serve to enhance the climbing experience.

Horseshoe Resort

Ontario ski destination Horseshoe Resort ( offers more than skiing activities, including a 32-ft.-tall outdoor climbing wall. The wall features a realistic rocky facade suitable for climbers of any age or skill level (they must be at least 45 lbs.). The wall course will most benefit beginner and intermediate climbers. The resort provides equipment; trained belay persons are on-site to ensure safety regulations are being observed. The climbing wall is part of Horseshoe Resort's Adventure Park, which is open seven days a week from May to October at a cost of $39 for a day pass, as of 2011. The resort is located at 1101 Horseshoe Valley Road, Comp.10 (Barrie, Ontario).

Georgian College

The Georgian College Athletic & Fitness Center ( offers rock climbing as a way for students to stay fit in a social environment. The wall can hold up to 30 climbers at any one time. The ever-changing courses keep the climbing interesting and challenging. The center provides equipment and belay instruction courses. However, climbers must be students of the school and members of the fitness center to be allowed in the climbing gym area. Students can join the Student Climbing Club for more chances to climb indoors and outdoors on planned trips during the school year.

Hardwood Hills

Hardwood Ski and Bike ( offers a diverse summer program that includes the use of a 30-ft. climbing wall. The wall design includes six unique climbing courses made up of big holds, overhangs and ledges that serve to keep the routes fresh and challenging. Climbers will need a pair of running shoes. Hardwood Ski and Bike will provide the rest, including equipment and certified instructors. Hardwood Hills is located at RR#1 Oro Station, (Hwy 400 N to exit #111. East on Forbes Road). Access to the climbing wall is included in a day pass ($8.25 to $12.50) or with a summer season pass ($79 to $149), as of 2011.

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