Ring Toss Crafts for Kids

by Sarah Mollman
Use items from around the house to create a kid-friendly ring toss game.

Use items from around the house to create a kid-friendly ring toss game.

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Ring toss games are often used at fundraiser events, birthday parties and carnivals and purely for entertaining children at home. Give your children the proper materials to make a homemade ring toss game. This craft allows for a family activity that everyone can help create and then participate in.

Animal Faces

Make your own handmade ring toss game that features cute animal faces. Create your favorite animal that has horns, tusks, ears or a beak. These body parts will serve as the holder which you will toss rings onto. First draw the face of your animal onto a plain white paper plate. Create cones out of construction paper that you can glue or tape onto the animal to serve as its ears, horns, tusks or beak. Add feathers or yarn to the animal to make it more lifelike. Make the rings that you will toss onto the cones by cutting circles out of pieces of cardboard.

Paper Plates

Use paper plates to create the base for a ring toss game. Cut a small X into the center of a paper plate. Poke an empty paper towel roll into the X on the paper plate. Secure the paper towel roll to the plate with glue or tape. Set the plate on a flat surface with the paper towel roll sticking out vertically. Cut out the inner circles of several paper plates to make rings that you can toss onto the paper towel holder.

Pop Bottle Rockets

Set up a ring toss game from full 2 liter bottles of soda pop. Arrange the pop bottles in a triangle shape or whatever design you wish to challenge competitors to. If you have empty bottles, just fill each one with water to give it weight that will hold it in place. Decorate the outside of each bottle with an image of a rocket ship that you can design on a piece of construction paper, cut out and glue onto the side of each bottle. Use swimming pool diving rings to toss onto the neck of any given bottle.

Olympic Rings

Create a set of rings for a ring toss game that resemble the image of the Olympic rings. Form five circles from five pieces of pipe cleaner. Use of each of the following colors: red, black, blue, green and yellow. Arrange the rings you have created into the design of the Olympic rings by placing the blue, black and red rings above the yellow and green rings. Center the ring formation, and place it on a flat surface. Make your own winter Olympics event by aiming to toss marshmallows into any of the five famous rings.

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