How to Rig Squid Bait

by Dan Taylor
Rigging the squid correctly is important so it doesn't spin and look unnatural to the fish.

Rigging the squid correctly is important so it doesn't spin and look unnatural to the fish.

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Squid bait can be excellent for catching large fish when you're doing some ocean trolling --- they're oily and smelly with tentacles that capture a fish's attention. The unusual anatomy of a squid makes rigging a bit more challenging than standard bait fish. However, properly rigging the bait will keep the squid secure and swimming naturally to attract some bites.

Items you will need

  • Strong fishing line (at least 30 test-pounds)
  • Large single-point hook
  • Large bead
  • 2 crimps
  • Leader
Step 1

Thread the fishing line through the bead, the crimps and finally the eye of the hook, leaving about 8 inches of extra line.

Step 2

Thread the extra line back through the crimps, and slide the first crimp all the way down to the hook and "crimp" it by compressing it to close it tight and secure the hook.

Step 3

Lay the squid topside up and lay the hook and line next to the squid so that the bottom of the hook lines up with the eyes. Adjust the second crimp so that it is level with the front end of the squid's mantle, then compress the crimp to secure it.

Step 4

Trim the rest of the line.

Step 5

Cut the line to the correct leader length, then insert the sharp end of the leader into the mantle right where it meets the head so that the hook protrudes from the head. Thread it through the mantle of the squid and out the front. Your squid is rigged and ready for trolling.

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