How to Rig a Speargun for SCUBA

by Edwin Thomas
Spearfishing on a scuba dive differs from free-diving.

Spearfishing on a scuba dive differs from free-diving.

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Spearfishing is a sport in coastal areas, combining the skills and excitement of hunting with those of underwater exploration. A spearfishing scuba diver usually hunts fish at greater depths than a free-diver, and therefore does without the rigged lines that a free-diver uses. Because those lines would necessarily be longer for a scuba diver, they increase the awkwardness of the dive and pose the risk of becoming entangled. For these reasons, rigging a speargun for scuba diving usually means stripping it down to the bare essentials.

Items you will need

  • Wire cutters
  • Crescent wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand-pump (pneumatic spearguns only)
Step 1

Remove any fittings that connect either the speargun or the spear to a float marker, such as cutting away a line tied to a ring on the pistol grip's butt with wire cutters.

Step 2

Unscrew or unbolt the reel from underneath your speargun, if you have one installed.

Step 3

Cut any line attached to the spear itself with wire cutters.

Step 4

Tie a wrist lanyard with an adjustable clasp onto the ring on the butt of the speargun.

Step 5

Load the speargun as normal. For a banded speargun, pull the band down the length of the barrel and hook into into place before loading the spear. For a pneumatic speargun, screw the hand-pump into the back of the gun's barrel, pump up the air reservoir to the desired pressure before, and then insert the spear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of using a wrist lanyard to secure the speargun after it has been fired, use a retractable clasp hooked onto one of the D-rings of your buoyancy controller's (BC's) harness. Another option is to have both methods of securing the speargun rigged, so you can choose between them once you are in the water.

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