How to Get Rid of Bombs on Bejeweled Twist

by K.C. Moore

"Bejeweled Twist" offers a fresh take on the classic "Bejeweled" gameplay by adding a new control scheme, power-up items and obstacles such as bomb gems. Bomb gems are shaped like explosives and have a counter on the front displaying a number. Each time you make a move, the timer counts down by one. Once the timer hits zero, the bomb gem will explode. Get rid of the bomb gem before it reaches zero to avoid a potential "game over."

Step 1

Move the cursor over the gems to select four at a time. Click the left mouse button to rotate the position of the gems once in a clockwise manner inside the cursor. Click the button again to rotate the same four gems or move the cursor to rotate different gems. Bomb gems can also be rotated like regular gems.

Step 2

Rotate the gems until you match two or more like-colored gems to the bomb gem in a horizontal or vertical line. The bomb gem will disappear.

Step 3

Match fruit gems to like-colored gems whenever they appear on the screen. When fruit gems match they eliminate all like-colored gems on the screen -- including bomb gems.

Step 4

Diffuse a bomb gem when it reaches zero by passing the diffusing mini-game. A spinner will appear and the player must decide when to stop the spinner by clicking the stop button. If the spinner lands on an icon of like-colored gems, the bomb gem will disappear from the board like normal and gameplay will resume. If the spinner lands on the bomb icons instead, the game will be finished.

Tips & Warnings

  • In Challenge Mode, matching fruit gems will refresh the countdown on any ////////omb Gems that are not like-colored by adding ten points to each counter.
  • Each time you click the mouse the counter on the bomb gem will count down, even if you are only moving the same group of gems.


About the Author

K.C. Moore has been writing professionally since 2008. He has contributed to "Eye on Life," Kingdom Hearts Ultimania and several online publications. Moore has also worked professionally as a game adviser for Blockbuster Video since 2004. Moore is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in English with a concentration in creative writing.