Rexlace Craft Ideas

by Joy Prescott
Plastic lace crafts are often done by children at summer camp.

Plastic lace crafts are often done by children at summer camp.

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Rexlace is the brand name of a narrow extruded plastic lacing used in crafts. Plastic laces such as Rexlace are available in a variety of single colors including pastel, neon, glow-in-the-dark and holographic, as well as two- and three-color versions. Plastic laces were originally made from leather and are also known as lanyard lace, scoubidou, gimp, scoubi or boondoggle. Although boondoggle means "a waste of time," plastic lace crafts keep idle hands busy.


Knot Rexlace strands together using various plaiting patterns and then use as decorative ties or cords to secure small items, such as a whistle, or use as zipper pulls. The most common plaiting pattern for plastic lace such as Rexlace is the square or box knot. Start with four equal length strands of lace held together and tie a knot in the ends to secure. Extend the laces in four different directions and begin knotting. Tie a knot to secure when finished and trim ends.


Plastic laces are also used with pony beads to make items such Christmas ornaments or small animals. Ornaments can include wreaths, Santa, toy soldiers, snowflakes or angels. Animals include lizards, mice, spiders or snakes. Hang the small animals from a backpack or use as zipper pulls. Beading patterns, which are available in books or online, include the number of beads, bead colors and a stringing diagram for the beads.


Use Rexlace to wrap objects such as bracelets. Start with a smooth bracelet or bracelet blank with squared-off ends. Cut strands of Rexlace about 3 inches longer than the bracelet. Cut enough to cover the bracelet width. Line up the strands and center the bracelet on top. Fold the Rexlace edges over one end of the bracelet to the back and secure with tape. Slip the ends of three 4-foot-long Rexlace strands under the folded strands at the back of the bracelet. Place your thumb on the taped end as you wrap to keep secure. Grasp the long strands and wind the Rexlace around the bracelet until a few inches from the opposite end. Fold the loose end of the short strands over the bracelet and wrap with the long strands to secure. Tuck the ends of the long strands under the folded short strands. Pull the long strands tight. Repeat in the opposite direction for extra security. Trim ends.


Mold Rexlace into shapes such as curls with the heat of boiling water and then freeze the lace into shape with ice water. Wind Rexlace around a wooden dowel overlapping and securing the end. Continue to wind until reaching the desired length. Cut and secure with tape. Stick the dowel into boiling water for 20 seconds. Remove and plunge into ice water for 20 seconds. Carefully remove the tape and slide the curled Rexlace off the dowel. Use different dowel sizes to vary the curls.

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