Retirement Party Centerpiece Idea

by Belinda Tucker
Cards and poems signed by co-workers are always appreciated.

Cards and poems signed by co-workers are always appreciated.

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Retirement is a milestone worthy of a celebration. Decorations are a big part of any party. A well-chosen centerpiece may be saved as a keepsake by the guest of honor. The best centerpieces tie in with the party theme selected. Personal themes related to the retiree and his plans are a time-honored way to show appreciation.

Hobby Centerpieces

Many people retire with visions of playing golf every day or fishing on the lake. Centerpieces are available for golfers and anyone else with a passion for a sport, like football or baseball. Most cardboard and paper centerpieces cost $10 or less and are available at many chain party stores. Making a centerpiece offers the host another option. Handmade centerpieces provide a creative person with the opportunity to make a customized work of art.

Personal Themes

Common retirement themes are "Gone Fishing," Bon Voyage," "Blooming Garden" and "A Toast." Depending on the interests of the guest of honor, appropriate centerpieces can be hard to find. When the perfect centerpiece is unavailable for purchase, then making a centerpiece solves the problem. For instance, a woman retiring with the idea of writing the great American novel will appreciate a literary centerpiece, like a copy of "Moby Dick" or some other well-known classic. A stack of old dusty books picked up from the thrift store works just as well. Personal themes offer memorable ways to send off co-workers to their next adventure.

Vacation Themed Centerpieces

Many retirees plan a big vacation to start their retirement. It is appropriate to use a luau centerpiece for someone planning a trip to Hawaii, or a mini Eiffel Tower model for an person planning a stay abroad in Paris. Travel centerpieces are easy to buy. A model RV would be the perfect centerpiece for any retiree looking to take to the open road and see the country mile by mile. Other appropriate centerpieces might be a sailboat for a sailor or a pair of gardening gloves for an avid rose gardener.

Popular Centerpiece Themes

For retirees with no particular hobby or plans, there are many interesting centerpieces available to send a new retiree off in style. Two popular choices are balloons and fiber optic centerpieces as colorful and festive ways to add to any table. A photo of the retiree can be framed as a tribute, and as a centerpiece. If the retiree has been at the company for a long time, a framed photo of the youthful retiree when he first started with the company lends a nostalgic touch.

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