How to Restring a Hunting Compound Bow

by Quinn Marshall

Far different than both recurve and long bows, a compound bow has two stationary limbs that do not bend and a pulley system for drawing the string. You can only restring compound bows using a bow press, a device that slightly compresses the bow's limbs. It allows you to remove the original string from the pulley cables and insert a new one in its place. Attempting to restring the bow without a bow press could result in injury or bow damage.

Items you will need

  • Bow press
  • String
Step 1

Place a bow press onto a workbench or table. Open the limbs and insert your bow with the string facing upwards. Bring the bow press's limbs together and adjust them so that the side pins are located directly beneath the bow's cams.

Step 2

Crank the bow press's handle clockwise to compress the limbs. Stop as soon as the cables have enough slack to remove the string.

Step 3

Lift the string from the cable hooks and replace it with a new string. Make sure the cables are still positioned within the cams; re-position them into the slots if they've come out. Keep some tension on the string using one hand to keep the string in place.

Step 4

Turn the bow press's handle counter-clockwise to release the limbs. Slide the press's limbs away from the bow's limbs, then remove the bow. Visually inspect the string, ensuring that it has fully seated on both cable hooks. Check the cables to make sure they remain in the cams. If both appear correct, slowly draw the bow to make sure you've strung it properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wax the new string with archery wax before shooting, or the string will fray and need replacement very soon.

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