How to Request Cash Gifts for a Birthday Present on a Invitation

by Kyra Sheahan

Requesting monetary gifts from your birthday party guests is a touchy subject. While you want to get the point across that cash gifts are welcome, you also do not want to come across as tacky or rude. Use your birthday invitations to let your guests know the type of gift you prefer, but do so in a way that is creative.

Items you will need

  • Birthday invitations
Step 1

Make up a comical fund for birthday money to go towards. Base the fund on things that are going on in your life. For instance, if the birthday person is going off to college in a few months, you might write on the invitation "Please make cash donations or checks out to the Send Taylor to College in Cute Clothes Fund."

Step 2

Turn your birthday invitation into a poem. You could say, "On my birthday, please don't splurge on fancy gifts if you get the urge. Monetary gifts are more preferred as I'm saving up to buy a bird." A quick poem lets your invitees know that you would rather have cash gifts than more stuff. It is also a safe and polite way to approach the subject of requesting birthday money.

Step 3

Write a sentence at the bottom of your invitation that reads "Monetary gifts are graciously welcome." This simple announcement is straightforward without sounding tacky, and is effective for letting your guests know that you would like a cash gift.

Step 4

Avoid using the word "cash" on your invitation. It is better etiquette to label your cash gift a "monetary" gift.

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