How to Repel Bees at a Football Game

by Megan Weber
Bees play an important role in the environment and repelling them is preferable to killing them.

Bees play an important role in the environment and repelling them is preferable to killing them.

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The last thing any football fan wants is to wave bees out of sight and miss a beautiful play. Getting stung in the late summer heat is also not anyone's idea of fun. Traditional pesticides are available at most stores, but these remedies often kill, rather than repel, bees, and the noxious chemicals are bound to disturb other football fans. Fortunately, multiple natural remedies can repel bees during a football game and harsh chemicals aren't needed.

Step 1

Spray a tea tree oil mixture around your seating area. Try getting to the game a little early to spray your area without affecting those around you. For an effective mixture, put together a concoction that is one part tea tree oil to two parts water. You can also dab tea tree oil to major pressure points on the body, including the wrists, neck and ankles.

Step 2

Employ lemongrass oil as a bee repellent at football games. Again, put together one part lemongrass to two parts water if making a spray. The oil can be directly placed on the body to act as a personal repellent, or you can spray the entire seating area if you arrive at the venue before other fans.

Step 3

Use peppermint oil to create a natural barrier between you and bees at a football game. According to Rick Steinau, writer of Ask the Exterminator and president of Ace Pest Control in Cincinnati, Ohio, peppermint oil is an excellent natural remedy for safely keeping away bees.

Step 4

Purchase Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent, which combines all three above ingredients. According to Steinau's review of bee repellents, the Burt's Bee's product is "100 percent Natural" and "bans the creeping, crawling, winging, stinging, sucking, bugging, biting beasties." This product, as well as other natural repellents, is available at many major retail outlets.

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