Relaxing and Romantic Places to Take Someone You Love

by Chelsea Baldwin
Treat your lover to something relaxing and romantic.

Treat your lover to something relaxing and romantic.

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The one you love has changed your life and given you more than you could have ever imagined in a relationship. Because of this, you decide you want to treat him or her to something special, relaxing and fun, but don't know where to start. Fortunately, once you start thinking about your significant other's likes and interests, you'll find plenty of places to go together that are both relaxing and romantic.

Romantic Destination

Buy tickets for two to a romantic destination that offers relaxing activities, such as enjoying a quiet beach or a spa with long, relaxing massages. Wherever you decide to go, do some background research first to make sure the trip will be more relaxing and romantic than stressful. For example, if the local food tends to make travelers sick, or there's a language barrier, you might want to choose a different location.


Weddings of friends and family members are almost always happy and joyous occasions, especially if there's a fun reception planned afterward with food, drinks and dancing. Because love is in the air, they can also give a large hint of your hopes for your relationship to move forward toward something more intimate and romantic.

Day Spa

Treat your lover to a day of pampering at a spa. This is also great for a man, because it's a day that's all about him, where he can relax and receive massages and skin care without the worry of doing it himself. You can go together or send him alone. The knowledge that this day of relaxation is from you will be romantic in itself because he'll realize your concern for his need to relax and take it easy for a day.


Go together with your significant other to a garden to spend a romantic hour together, or pack a lunch and spend the entire day. The smell of the flowers and the general beauty of the nature around you, along with the other couples enjoying the garden, will relax you as a couple and help you enjoy one another's company.

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