How to Register for Fishing & Crabbing in Maryland

by Luther Blissett

Anyone crabbing or fishing in Maryland is required to obtain a state fishing or crabbing license. Certain groups of people are exempt from the licensing requirement, however, including Maryland residents who are 15 or younger or residents currently on active duty in the military. Otherwise residents and non-residents are required to obtain a license; the license application form can be completed quickly and the fee charged for obtaining a license is minimal.

Items you will need

  • Fishing and Crabbing application form
Step 1

Download the fishing license application form from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website. Scroll to the second page of the application and ensure that a license is required for you, since certain groups do not require a license for fishing or crabbing or are provided with complimentary licenses. Additionally, anyone 15 or younger does not require a license to fish or crab.

Step 2

Complete the name and address information fields on the first page of the license application. Next, check the boxes next to the appropriate license options. Clarification and definitions for the terms and phrases used in this section are provided on the second page of the license application.

Step 3

Complete the process by submitting the completed application. The application can be submitted in person at any local license agent or any Maryland Department of Natural Resources service center. Completed applications may also be submitted through the mail or submitted online via the Maryland wildlife licenses website. Or you can apply for the license over the phone by dialing the Maryland DNS licensing hotline at 800-918-2870.

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