Red & Yellow Baby Shower Ideas

by Tamiya King
Brighten up the baby shower decor will vibrant yellow balloons.

Brighten up the baby shower decor will vibrant yellow balloons.

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The bright hues of red and yellow, which are the colors of love and joy, respectively, will make any baby shower appear festive and upbeat. There are several ways to include the color combination in the shower decor to fit the mommy-to-be's taste, and to make for some attractive pictures she'll always look back on fondly.

Fiesta Baby Shower

Yellow and red are commonly used in Spanish decorating, so these two shades are perfect for a fiesta-themed baby shower. Create invitations by using a stencil in the shape of a sombrero and trace the image on red or yellow stock paper. Adorn the tables with vivid real or synthetic yellow and red flowers and candies. Create a color-coordinated pinata filled with durable baby items like teething rings, rattles and bibs for the guest of honor to break open at the celebration.

Stripes and Polka Dots

Combine the two patterns of stripes and polka dots for a red and yellow baby shower that is visually appealing and gender-neutral. For instance, purchase a red tablecloth with yellow polka dots to match the yellow-and-red-striped plates and napkins. Ask guests to bring gifts in red or yellow boxes so the presents will look beautiful on the gift table in pictures before the mommy-to-be opens them. Feature the colors once more at the party with clusters of red and yellow balloons in the corner of the the room.

Red and Yellow Roses

Red roses are a symbol of everlasting love, while yellow roses signify the promise of a new beginning, making both of these flowers appropriate for a baby shower. A rose theme is fitting for a guest of honor who wants a more sophisticated and elegant celebration, and you can accent the red and yellow hues with metallic shades, such as yellow roses in a gold vase, or red rose petals in a silver tray. Adorn the gift and food tables with silk red or yellow cloths, and enlarge photos of red and yellow roses to hang on the walls.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

Red and yellow are the colors of Winnie the Pooh, an adorable honey-loving bear who is a golden yellow and wears a red T-shirt. Many parents adorn their baby's nursery in Winnie the Pooh decor, and may appreciate a baby shower with the same theme. Purchase bear-shaped invitations, and add red felt to the bear to resemble a shirt; paint the baby's initial on the shirt. Purchase balloons, streamers and tablecloths that feature the bear, and ask guests to purchase Winnie the Pooh clothing or nursery decor for the baby. Instead of a wishing well, purchase a Winnie the Pooh piggy bank for guests to leave monetary gifts.

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