How to Recycle a Bike Frame

by Si Kingston
Recycle your used bike frames.

Recycle your used bike frames. Images

Bicycle frames -- still generally made from either aluminum, steel or titanium -- remain recyclable. Different options exist for recycling metals in many cities and towns, allowing you to make a profit by recycling your bike frame. In other cases, though, you might have to pay a fee to process and recycle the frame.

Step 1

Take the bicycle frame to a metal recycler. The recycler will weigh the frame and offer a price based on the type of metal and weight. See resources to find a metal recycler near you.

Step 2

Take the bicycle frame to the county metal collection site. Understand, however, that these sites may charge a fee to recycle the frame.

Step 3

Contact the waste management company or local department responsible for waste disposal in your area, and arrange or find out when it will offer curbside pickup. Place the bicycle frame out by the street on the specified pickup date. A fee, if applicable, would normally appear on your regular bill.

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