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5 Steps on How to Kickflip

You can learn dozens of complex tricks on a skateboard, but almost all of them begin with mastering the kickflip. A kickflip involves the board coming off the ground, completing a full horizontal rotation and coming back down on the wheels. Kickflips are the first trick you will learn once you can ollie on your board; they serve as the foundation for every flip trick thereafter. The initial learning curve for the kickflip is steep, but subsequent tricks get easier once you understand the mechanics.

How to Accurately Throw a Bowling Ball

The speed at which you bowl is not as important as following basic mechanics that allow you to throw the ball with accuracy. Once you master these mechanics with practice, you will build up your speed. Many bowlers follow a four-step approach, but you can adjust that to a three-step or five-step approach. The key is to find the pace, timing and follow-through that allows you to consistently hit your intended marks with the ball, whether you focus on the pins or a spot on the lane.

Acting Camps for Kids Near La Follette, Tennessee

La Follette, Tennessee is a small town of around 8,000, located in the northeastern part of the state. There are several acting camps within an easy distance from La Follette in Knoxville. They are sponsored by schools, the Children's Theatre of Knoxville and the University of Tennessee.

Acting Camps Near Jacksonville, Florida

Whether for the seasoned performer or eager novice, the Jacksonville area offers a variety of acting camps. Most of the acting camps take place during the summer months -- some theater companies also provide evening classes for children and teens during the school year. Unless otherwise indicated, the grade level listed for summer camps indicates the grade the student will attend in the coming school year. The camps located in Jacksonville Beach are about a 25 minute drive from Jacksonville, down US-90/Beach Boulevard.

Amateur Skateboarding Competitions in California

Amateur skate contests are great fun for young skateboarders, giving them a chance to showcase their skills while observing the talents and creativity of their peers. California has many excellent contests, with most of them open to amateurs of all ages, including under-10 divisions. Many skate parks have contests of their own, and a few larger contests are highlighted here.

How to Anti-Casper on a Skateboard

There are dozens of skateboarding tricks, including the ollie, the acid drop, the casper and the anti casper. The anti casper is one of the most basic skateboarding tricks, but it takes practice and perseverance to master. This skateboarding trick is the opposite of the casper, a move that requires you to stall the board with the tail end of it lifted in the air.

How to Arch a Bowling Ball

Bowlers can be grouped into two categories: the amateur-looking straight shooters and those who employ the hook shot. If you add an arch, or hook, to your bowling ball's journey down the lane, it won't necessarily improve your game; in fact, your score might start to dip. It shouldn't stay that way for long, though. There's a reason professional bowlers are seldom seen throwing any other kind of shot: no other kind works so well.

Archery Camps in Queens, New York

Archery enthusiasts living in Queens, NY have several opportunities to hone their skills and enjoy their sport. As of 2011, the two major archery supplies dealers offer the Junior Archery Development program for archers under the age of 18. In addition, one well known summer camp in Queens offers archery as part of their activities, and the area offers other opportunities for both youth and adults.

How to Assemble an HPA Regulator in Paintball

Paintball guns utilize pressurized CO2 tanks to increase the velocity of a paintball as it is shot out of the gun barrel. The high pressure air or HPA regulator is installed on a paintball gun and is attached to the gun's CO2 tank. The HPA regulator has two chambers; one stores the CO2 at a high pressure, the other regulates the gas air pressure when a paintball is shot. Assemble the HPA regulator and install it on your paintball gun to conserve your CO2.

Bank Shuffleboard Rules

Although shuffleboard is best associated with senior citizen games played in retirement homes and communities throughout the country, table-sized courses can also be found in bars and arcade centers. The game is played by attempting to guide weights to a bulls-eye-like target on the course using either your hands (as is the norm in table shuffleboard) or a cue. Players can knock each others' weights out of high-point areas. At the end of the game, the winner is the player who accumulated the most points based on where weights lie on the target. There are several variations to the game. One of these is bank shuffleboard.

Baseball Camps in Florida for 3-Year-Olds

For kids and youth looking for instruction in baseball, there are a multitude of options in every state in the country. In Florida, camps are one particularly effective way to hone baseball skills because they devote solid chunks of time to the sport. For very young baseball players, camps run much differently than camps for older kids. Parents can expect unique challenges and experiences for three-year-olds in Florida baseball camps.

Basketball Camps for Kids Near Riverside County, California

Youth basketball camps provide kids with an opportunity to hone their dribbling, passing and shooting skills while learning the importance of physical fitness and teamwork. These camps are taught by basketball professionals from coaches to former players. Kids living in and near Riverside, California, have a number of youth basketball camp options available to them.

Basketball Training Camps in Broward County, Florida

Basketball camps are often held in the summer to prepare players for the upcoming season. Players at the camps are given instruction on how to improve their skills and an opportunity to play against their peers. Broward County is located in southern Florida, and some of the major cities in the county include Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and Coral Springs.

Boston, Massachusetts, Lodging

Tourists passing through Boston see the city’s development from colonial times through the 21st century. This historic city maintains pieces of the past, including the Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall, but Boston also appeals to modern tastes with attractions like the Institute of Modern Art and the Copley Place Mall. Boston’s lodging industry ranges from hostels to luxury hotels to accommodate the diverse tastes of international travelers.

How to Bowl Strikes Consistently

The goal of every bowling match is to knock over more pins than your opponents, and there is no better way to win than by bowling strikes. A strike is when you knock over all 10 pins on your first roll. Learning to bowl consistent strikes is the goal of most passionate bowlers, and it takes considerable time, effort, and concentration. You might not be able to bowl a perfect 300 score overnight, but with the right approach and a bit of practice, you can significantly improve your game.

Boy Scout Advancement Camps in California

In the Boy Scouts of America, scouts advance through ranks by learning skills, knowledge and attitudes, earning merit badges along the way. Typically, most scouts advance by attending camp programs where they learn certain skill sets. There are numerous Boy Scout advancement camps throughout California with year-round opportunities for scouts to earn a variety of merit badges.

How to Break Down a Gold Crown 3 Pool Table

Gold Crown pool tables are manufactured by Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corp. The Gold Crown table is large and heavy, which makes it difficult to move from place to place. The best way to move a pool table is to break down the table into smaller pieces for transport. You can break down a Gold Crown pool table using the same method used for any other pool table.

What to Bring to Sleepaway Camp

Sending your child to sleepaway camp during the summer months gives you a break from the daily complaints of "I'm bored." At sleepaway camp, your child becomes someone else's issue for several days or even several weeks, if you're lucky. However, no parent wants their child to go without something he needs while he is at camp, so it is important to make sure you pack everything he will need.

How to Build-a-Board Skateboard

Understanding the working components of a skateboard will allow you to make any necessary adjustments or repairs. While the skateboard setup can look simple enough, certain parts such as the bearings and trucks require a degree of expertise. While many skateboarders buy a pre-assembled setup, others prefer to customize each of the components. Building your skateboard from the ground up will allow you to tailor the setup to your riding needs. Warehouse Skateboards of North Carolina recommends using a specialized skate tool that can adapt to the numerous sizes, nuts and bolts of the skateboard setup.