RC Airplane Air Shows in New York

by Thomas Lynn
RC airshows allows model airplane pilots meet-up and fly together.

RC airshows allows model airplane pilots meet-up and fly together.

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Radio controlled (RC) airplane air shows are gatherings for model airplane pilots to discuss and fly their aircraft. New York has plenty of RC air shows across the state, many hosted by local or regional RC airplane clubs and organizations. Some events are casual, "fly-in" style meet-ups, while others are weekend-long affairs that draw huge pilot turn-outs, vendors and spectators. Large airshows often have competitions included in their festivities, allowing organizers, judges and spectators to crown the show's best pilots.

District II Fun Fly

District II, a New York and New Jersey division of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), holds their annual Fun Fly in different locations throughout New York. In 2011, the event was held in Gilbertsville at the Gilbert Fuel Sports Park. The former polo grounds of the Fuel Sports Park play host to a three-day "fun fly," where New York and New Jersey RC airplane enthusiasts can gather to showcase their prized models.

Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair

The Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology (NEAT) Fair, held annually in Downsville, is the largest electric airplane summit in the United States. Radio controlled plane pilots, collectors and spectators gather for a weekend in the Catskill mountains. Hundreds of planes and plane styles are displayed and flown during the three-day meet. Vendors are on hand during the summit to sell RC products, food and more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served on most days. Prizes are raffled off during the course of the event.

Valley of the Giants RC Airshow

Returning from a 10-year hiatus, the Valley of the Giants RC Airshow is back in action. The returning event is held at the Westport Airport in Westport, and is hosted by the Chapter #487 International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA) and the Champlain Valley Flyers. Since the IMAA sanctions the event, any pilot that enters the show must own an IMAA membership card. At the time of publication, pilot and plane registration costs $15 by mail and $20 on the day of the event. Camping, both motor and tent, is welcome at the event.

Whitman Flyers Electric Fly-In

Held at the New York State Park Polo Field in Bethpage, this all-electric RC event is held by the Whitman Flyers. At the time of publication, this AMA-sanctioned event has a landing fee of $5, which includes food and drink, on top of the daily park admission. This event is open to all AMA members, and an AMA card is required to fly. Spectators are invited to watch this casual, friendly event. Two raffles, one for pilots and one for the general public, will be held.

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