Rainbow Piano Technique

by Joshua Liu
The Rainbow Piano Technique helps younger students learn how to play the piano.

The Rainbow Piano Technique helps younger students learn how to play the piano.

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The Rainbow Piano Technique is a unique method of teaching young children how to play the piano. Unlike other methods of piano teaching, it uses a system of colors that children can easily associate with. The Rainbow Piano Technique has been independently published in a book.

Background Information

The Rainbow Piano Technique was developed by Annie Wang for her 3-year-old son when she couldn't find a good teaching method. It does not provide instructions on how to learn the piano; it is merely a tool to facilitate learning. Wang's method utilizes colors to mark and distinguish different notes. These colored markers can be cut out and attached to the keys of a piano to help young children learn the notes of a piano more easily.

Basic Technique

Actual playing technique is not covered by the Rainbow Piano Technique. The book encourages students to adopt a traditional posture; the fingers should be curved and the palm should not hang down below the keyboard. Also, the body should be relaxed: tension does not contribute towards good posture. Fingerings are given in the book to aid in playing notes in addition to the colored markers that are present on the keyboard and in the book.

Rainbow Piano Technique

In the Rainbow Technique book, all the songs are composed on the grand staff, the common notation for piano music. Each note is assigned a color, and the music printed in the book follows this system. Colored markers are also provided; they can be cut out and pasted on the keyboard. This unique coloring system is only intended for beginners. Eventually, students should progress to black and white keys. The colors are only intended to facilitate early learning.


A common hurdle that young students face is learning to use both hands at the same time while struggling with unfamiliar notes. The Rainbow Piano Technique claims to aid this process through its unique coloring system. Younger children have an easier time learning notes when every note is given a distinct color. In addition, the combination of colors with the grand staff allows very young students to learn to play with both hands at the same time.

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