Racy Bridal Shower Games

by Krystal Miller
You can spice up a bridal shower with racy party games.

You can spice up a bridal shower with racy party games.

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When planning a bridal shower for an easygoing bride-to-be, you can prepare some racy games to liven up the party. If you are planning racy games, keep the games funny and slightly off-track from regular games without being too naughty to avoid offending any guests. Persuade the party guests to play along by awarding prizes like a sexy nightgown or romantic-style candles to all game winners.

Toilet Tissue Games

Start the party with an icebreaker game. Ask party guests to sit in a circle and pass around a roll of toilet paper. Tell each guest to take as much toilet paper as she would like. The players must share an interesting fact about themselves for each square of toilet tissue they took. After the icebreaker, divide the guests into groups of three or four and give each team two rolls of toilet paper. Instead of making a wedding dress or veil, have the players make a piece of lingerie. Award prizes to the best, most creative and funniest lingerie pieces.

Guessing Games

Place racy items like a pair of panties, a bottle of lotion and leather lingerie in socks. Write a number on each sock and give each player a sheet of paper. The players must pass the socks around and write down what they think is in each sock. The player who guesses the most items correctly wins the game and a prize. Alternatively, spice the game up and make it more difficult. Ask the guests to take off their shoes and socks and use only their feet to feel the items.

Funny Games

Give each player 10 pieces of chocolate. Select the first player who has to say, "I have never" followed by racy behavior she has never participated in. For example, she could say "I have never kissed someone in public" or "I have never worn leather lingerie." Any player who has performed the action must give her a piece of chocolate. The player with the most pieces of chocolate at the end of the game wins a prize. You can put a spin on this game by having the players try to guess something the bride-to-be has never done. They could say, "She has never worn red lingerie." If she has, that player loses a piece of candy. If not, she keeps her candy and it is another player's turn.

Memory Games

Hand each player a sheet of paper. Place racy items like warming lotions, a box of condoms, or bridal underwear on a tray. Show the players the items on the tray and remove it from the room. They must write down as many items as they can remember from the tray. The player with the most correct answers wins a prize. Another idea is to remove an item when you take the tray out of the room. Bring the tray back in the room and the first player to tell you what item is missing wins a prize.

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