Quinceaneras Favor Craft

by Anya Meave
Use seashells to make quinceanera favors.

Use seashells to make quinceanera favors.

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A quinceanera is an important milestone birthday celebrated throughout most of Latin America and in the U.S. in honor of a girl's 15th birthday. Although most quinceaneras are large and elaborate, intimate and simple quinceaneras are also made to celebrate a girl's transition into womanhood. Create quinceanera favor crafts at home to thank guests who attend a small or large quinceanera celebration. Select items to complete each task that complement the theme of the quinceanera party, and personality of the young woman as well.

Candle Favor Craft

Candles are simple to decorate and useful for guests after the quinceanera party. Purchase 2-inch colorful votive candles from the craft store, as well as clear 4-inch votive candle holders. Select a candle color that matches theme of the quinceanera. Create swirls or shapes on the surface of each candle with clear tacky glue. The quinceanera's name may also be written across the candle. Sprinkle silver or white glitter on the glue. Remove the residual glitter off the candle, and allow the glue to dry on each candle overnight. Write the young woman's name and the word "Quinceanera" on the surface of each candle holder with a silver permanent marker, and insert the candles inside each candle holder.

Seashell Favor Craft

Give guests a creative seashell magnet for a quinceanera with a beach theme. Purchase seashells from a craft store, or collect seashells from a local beach. Select 3-inch-wide seashells with a smooth surface. Cut and glue a ½-inch Styrofoam square onto the inner surface of each shell with a glue gun to serve as a base for each shell. Glue a 1-inch magnet onto the surface of the Styrofoam, and allow the glue to dry overnight. Write the young woman's name and the word "Quince" on the surface of each shell with a blue metallic fine tip marker after the glue has dried. Tie small bows with a ¼-inch-wide ribbon for each seashell, and glue the bows to the top center of each shell with the glue gun on completion.

Candy Favor Craft

Treat guests with a sweet favor to enjoy during and after the quinceanera. Fill 1 pt. Mason jars with candy-coated chocolates or hard candy. Print a 2-by-3-inch photo of the young woman who is being celebrated on adhesive photo paper, and place the photo on the front center of each jar. Make 2-inch labels with the young woman's name, and the words "Quinceanera Sweets" in a word processing program. Print the labels on adhesive printer paper, and place the labels on the back center of each Mason jar. Cover the top of each Mason jar lid with 5-by-5-inch sheets of tissue paper, and tie a ¼-inch-wide ribbon around the lid to secure the tissue paper.

Picture Favor Craft

Allow each guest at a small quinceanera to take home a picture of the young woman in an artistic picture frame. Select 4-by-6-inch unfinished wood picture frames. Paint each picture frame by hand or with spray paint, in a color that matches the quinceanera's theme. Create a homemade 4-by-6-inch stencil with the young woman's name across the top of the stencil. Add the word "Quince" along the bottom of the stencil, and the words "celebration" or "party" along the left and right sides of the stencil. Place the homemade stencil over the front surface of each picture frame and paint the words onto the frame using the stencil. Allow the frames to dry overnight, and insert the picture of the young woman inside each picture frame on completion.

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