Quince Ideas for a Quinceanera Party

by Shae Hazelton
Quince is a sweet and fragrant addition to any party spread.

Quince is a sweet and fragrant addition to any party spread.

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A quinceanera party is a Mexican celebration of a girl turning 15, equivalent to that of an American girl's sweet 16 birthday party. While the quince fruit has a similar name to the celebration, the celebration and fruit don't have a common link. However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy the pleasant addition of a quince fruit recipe to your party.

Quince Centerpiece

Quince fruit is vibrant yellow, which makes it an attractive addition to your party centerpieces if the birthday girl likes the color yellow. The fruits are in bloom from October to December, so only quinceaneras that take place during that time will have the benefit of a quince fruit centerpiece, unless you preserve the fruit through the year. The fruit gives off a light, subtle scent that will permeate through the party, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your guests.

Sweet Dishes

Quince has a sweet flavor when you cook it properly, so feel free to create interesting quince desserts. You can incorporate the meat of the quince into a breaded dish, or you can boil down the quince and make it into a jam to spread over pastries. The fruit has high levels of pectin, which gives the boiled-down product a natural gelatin texture, making it ideal for jams. The outer skin of the quince is tough and unsavory, so peel and core the fruit for any recipe you use.

Romantic Symbol

If your quinceanera girl has a special someone attending the party, tell her about the romantic history of the quince fruit. Ancient Romans would provide the quince fruit to their romantic partners as a way of pledging love. While it's not wise to eat the fruit raw, the golden color and pleasant aroma make it a nice gift to give someone special. Hand her a quince and let her present it to her boyfriend. Announce the meaning behind the fruit to the guests so the gesture does not leave them mystified.

Quince Perfume

The young ladies attending the quinceanera may appreciate the fragrance of quince in the form of a light perfume. The perfume's base is essential oils from the quince fruit. Mix the scent of the quince essential oils with other fruit fragrances to make it mellow instead of overpowering. For example, when making your quince perfume, mix it with essence of lemon and lavender. Add three drops of lemon oil, two drops of quince oil, and one drop of lavender oil to 1 ounce of jojoba oil. Distribute the perfume into separate containers and hand them out at the party as party favors.

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