Quilting Games

by Krystal Miller
Use a variety of fabrics to create quilting games.

Use a variety of fabrics to create quilting games.

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Whether you are planning a quilting meeting for a group of adults or teaching children how to quilt, games will liven up the gathering or lesson. Keep guests interested in the games by awarding game winners with items like rolls of fabric and sewing needles. With a few supplies and some ideas, you have everything you need to get started.

Paper Games

For an easy game, scramble quilt-related words like "safety pin," "fabric" and "sewing needles." Print the scrambled words on a sheet of paper and give one sheet to each player. The first player to unscramble all of the words wins the game. Write the same words in bingo squares to play a game of quilt bingo. Give each player small squares of fabric to use as bingo markers. As they mark their bingo cards, the card will resemble a quilt. The first player to fill the card and yell, "I love quilting," wins the game.

Needle Games

Adults and older children can compete in needle games. Give each player five sewing needles and thread. When you say "Go," the players must thread each needle on one strand of thread. The first player to thread all five needles on the thread wins the game. Another idea is to play this game in teams. Divide players into two teams and have each team stand in a line. Give each player a sewing needle and hand the first player in line a spool of thread. The first team to thread all their needles onto the thread wins the game.

Memory Games

Place several quilt-related items, such as a large sewing needle, piece of fabric, a thimble, ruler and spools of thread, on a tray. Place the tray in the middle of the room and have all the guests look at the tray. Take the tray out of the room and give each player a sheet of paper. Players must write down as many items as they can remember from the tray. The player who guesses the most items correctly wins the game. For a variation, place "nonsharp" items in a paper bag and have the players feel the items inside the bag. The player who guesses the most items in the bag wins the game.

Other Games

Other quilting games include a scavenger hunt and magazine quilting. Create a scavenger hunt by hiding several quilt-related items around the area. Ask the guests to search for the items. The player who finds the most items wins the game. Divide the players into teams of three or four to play a magazine quilting game. Give each team three or four magazines. They must tape pages of the magazines together to make a "quilt." Ask them to try to create a theme, such as a baby or pattern theme. Award prizes for the best theme, funniest and most creative magazine quilt.

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