Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Alberta

by William Jensen

A small body of water located outside the small resort town of Jasper, Alberta, Pyramid Lake's beautiful scenery and mountain setting attract many tourists to the area. The town itself is set in the middle of Jasper National Park. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities in and around the lake, from boating and fishing to hiking and stargazing.


Curved in a C-shape, Pyramid Lake sits near the base of Pyramid Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Pyramid Creek flows from the lake and discharges in the Athabasca River. Rainbow and lake trout, as well as Rocky Mountain whitefish, are some of the fish found in the lake. There is a small island connected to the land by a bridge and one resort sits on the edge of the lake. In the surrounding area, you may come across deer, beavers, bears and moose. The lake can be reached from the town of Jasper via Pyramid Lake Road.

Pyramid Island

You can visit Pyramid Island by crossing a bridge on foot. The island features a clearing with a good view of the sky, excellent for stargazing on clear nights. The national park is designated a "Dark Sky Preserve," which means that there are relatively few outdoor electric lights in the area. This prevents ground lighting from interfering with your view of the stars, as it does in many cities and suburban areas.


Pyramid Lake offers a range of recreational activities throughout the year. Visitors may rent motorboats and fish. There is an ice-skating rink with lighting on the lake during the winter months. Visitors can also kayak or canoe across the lake. Hiking trails near Pyramid Lake yield impressive mountain views. The lakeside resort provides additional activities for its guests.


Coast Pyramid Lake Resort ( is the only resort on Pyramid Lake. It offers accommodations and other services. Vacationers can rent bicycles, picnic, exercise in the fitness area or eat in the resort's restaurant, among other activities. It contains 62 rooms of various sizes, as well as conference areas. The resort operates during late spring, summer and early autumn. Visitors to the area can find additional lodging elsewhere in the town or in the park.

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